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The Digimon Fusion CCG is a collectible card game based off of the anime, Digimon Fusion.

The CCG kicked off sales on January 18th, 2014 with the release of the "New World" set. This set consists of two trial decks, "Greymon" and "Shoutmon" and a booster pack. A total of 96 cards will be released.

The trial decks consist of 30 cards, including promos, and includes one booster pack. Each trial deck is $9.99.
Booster packs consist of 10 cards. 6 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare or super rare. Each booster pack is $3.99.

The game is fairly simple. You have five code crown cards. One is played each turn, alternating between players. You summon a Digimon that you can boost or fuse to power up and have the highest power. If you do, then you win the code crown. First to win five code crowns wins.

Now that the technicalities are over, here are my thoughts. This was an impulse buy on my part. I bought both trial decks and as soon as I read over the rules I began to regret by decision. The whole "highest power wins" seemed very boring.
HOWEVER, once I actually played, it was a lot of fun! The game is balanced, not all too luck based (this is my two games experience speaking), and easy to pick up. I would recommend this game to others, no doubt. I hope the game can gain popularity, as I really like it.

So post any thoughts you have on the game here!
I love Digimon in general and have been pretty excited to check out the game.

I plan on picking up the Greymon Deck.
Wow this looks interesting. Digimon was one of my favorite shows when I was younger. I haven't really watched the new anime though. Which trial deck (if either) is better to start with/has usable cards for a real deck?
I gave my sister the Shoutmon deck and it's fair to say she's beaten me to a pulp with it, except when she got bad draws. So I'd go with Shoutmon, and maybe but a booster pack. The trial deck comes with one, but you may want to switch out some code crowns.
it looks interesting but nothing going on with it
There are tournaments in places, if that's what you mean.
Nor me, but they're not going all out yet, which is understandable.
I have yet to buy a trial deck, but I saw some people playing it at my local card shop a few weeks ago. I think they are trying to gather interest so eventually they can do regularly scheduled tournaments. The game seems fun to play (although I had to go before I got to try it out) so I'll try to pick up a starter deck soon. So has the game got a defined meta yet or is it to early on/not enough people playing? Just wondering if there are any broken cards out yet since those tend to make games a lot less fun.
Not any broken cards that I know of. I sorta stopped playing for a bit after my cat barfed on my cards, so...
But as far as trial decks go, the Shoutmon one definitely overpowers the Greymom one. Just buy some boosters and you're set.
I know they (Bandai America) ended the toyline (really sad... I have all of the Fusion Figures and enjoyed them), hoping this continues. It's pretty enjoyable, a lot more then some other more recent card games.