Death Gasher CH120 WD

I came upon this combo and saw it could beat Revizer Dragoon BGrin. So, here are my parts explanations and my test.
Gasher:It is one of the best stamina CWs and has excellent outward weight distribution.
Death: It is the lefty killer and has great stamina. What else can I say?
CH120: Being the lowest non-scraping track in Zero-G, CH120 is needed to destabilize BGrin.
WD: Since it won't be swayed by left spin stamina, WD was an option. I needed a bottom with excellent balance, lots of pure stamina, and the LAD to defeat BGrin. WD was the only bottom that could give me all of these things.
The Test:
Equipment: Beylauncher LR
Zero-G Attack Type Stadium
Procedure: Launches Rotated
Ties Redone
Revizer Dragoon BGrin vs Death Gasher CH120 WD
Dragoon:3(All KO)
Death:17(All OS)
Death Win Percentage:85 %
Notes:These battles were so close every battle was decided by a half rotation to three rotations. This combo would probably do horrible against anything that rotates right, but it is one of only two counters so far to Dragooon BGrin.
This is not the only counter for Dragooon B: D if I remember correctly.
Well Kei's Dragooon attacker can counter it as well but this is the only stamina combo capable of beating Dragoon- it also got 85% so it is very reliable. It is also very attainable since you just need to own Death Quetzalcoatl,Dark Cancer/Gasher, and any bey with WD.
Why did you put this combo in zero g combos if wd can get sko easily
Its pretty widely known now that Death counters Spin Stealers in general.
JE-Left spin cannot sway right spin.
Dark_Mousy- I know this is a basic combo, but it still does the job against Dragooon BGrin. No one has attempted to try to counter Dragooon with Death in Zero-G, so I figured I should make a thread for this if no one else has.
Actually, that is false. It is rare, but swaying the opposite spin can still occur.
There isn't a thread, yes, so I suppose it couldn't hurt to have this up. The problem with "counters" is just that: they counter one thing, and their job is done. That's all they can work for.

Obviously this is speaking on a broader spectrum than these two specific combos, since Death can defeat many variants of spin stealers.
Raigeko13- Yes,unfortunately, this combo will only beat spin stealers. I have never competed in a WBO tournament but I believe that spin stealers are used so much in Zero-G this could possibly deserve use.
Another note I would like to add for everyone is that you cannot just use Death and random parts. I tried many good setups such as SA165 MB/SD and 230 MB, and they did not work. So, although it does not seem like it, this combo actually is not just random parts with Death, but needs to use specific parts that are all very important to this beyblade.
What mode is death being used on?
Death is used in defense mode.
Why don't you try BWD...? It is one of the best tips to use against Sway KO. Also, try adding a MF-L to add more stamina.
A normal face actually has higher stamina than MF-L. I didn't use BWD because I don't own it. This combo does not defend against sway, it is only a counter to left spin stamina.
(Nov. 06, 2012  2:10 PM)Ultimo Wrote: Why don't you try BWD...? It is one of the best tips to use against Sway KO. Also, try adding a MF-L to add more stamina.

I highly doubt BWD can stand up to Sway KO, especially by Attack-types... in fact, it's unthinkable because it simply cannot. (Unless you're talking about opposite rotations, then yeah)
Well, considering this is a counter to a spin stealer, I'd say BWD would be a safe bet. Give it a shot.
Can you try switching WD with BWD, I want to see for personal reasons.
I don't own BWD. It could help this combo win by more rotations and get less ties, so could someone try BWD?
You might want to remove that 'The Dragooon Counter' from the title, since it technically counts as a nickname.

We've had, uh, issues with that in the past.
Hmm,Interesting Result Can you Switch Reviser With Killerken?And Could you Test it?Killerken Dragooon B : D VS DeathCH120 WD?
Sorry but I don't own Killerken. I could use Revizer, Gargole, Ifraid, Saramanda, or Orojya.
(Nov. 07, 2012  12:38 AM)Raigeko13 Wrote: Well, considering this is a counter to a spin stealer, I'd say BWD would be a safe bet. Give it a shot.
Adding to this, could someone try out AS and TB?
MF-F Death Gasher CH120 BWD counters _____ Dragooon B:D the most effectiviely.

To Be Tested are: AS/TB/EWD
Did a couple of tests on Death Cancer 125TB vs Gargole Dragooon BD...

TB pretty much failed at countering Dragooon because:
1) TB covers more surface area while spinning compared to BWD's semi-sharp tip
2) Based on my tests (In the TB Discussion thread I made), TB didn't have much defensive abilities compared to other released tips in ZeroG and it got KO'd once

The only upside of TB is sway resistance. With the right weight, TB is pretty much champion above all tips (Except Bearing Drive) in sway resistance
Yeah, I didn't think TB would do too well on this. Could you test this against BWD if you own it? I think this could become a good balance combo instead of a counter on BWD if it works.
I did some quick tests, not WBO official since I had to test a crapload of chrome wheels on Dragooon.

I tested all released chrome wheels up to date, exception is a Dragooon X2.
(So pretty much Ifraid, Saramanda, Phoenic, Orojya, Reviser, Killerken, Gryph, Gargole, Goreim, Begirados, Genbull)

And the set up was _____ Dragooon 130W2D vs Death Cancer D125WD. Death always launched first. I used W2D since they weren't both same rotation, so W2D couldn't be swayed out easily, and also because previous combos have a recovery problem and I wasn't okay with that.

Most of the Chrome wheels usually didn't really help, or weren't able to produce consistent results. Gryph is possibly a tier above this since it kind of produced mixed results, sometimes getting KOs but gettting OS'd by Death, or Death just getting KOs and OS on Gryph Dragooon.

For Begirados, it got OS'd by Death but by a complete narrow margin. When BD stopped spinning, Death would stop spinning in less than a second so you can tell how close that was.

Goreim and Gargole performed the best in the random combo. Although they weren't able to win one battle against Death, they managed to consistently tie with Death so it's really impossible to tell which bey won with your own eye... I'll be doing some testing later, if not tomorrow.
Yeah, when I tested,some of the battles were so close I had to come closer to see who won.Even though it wasn't official, those are useful tests BH145WD.