Cross Fight B-Daman Anime Thread

Yes, but Ryouma doesn't seem to have any good intentions.
And Ryouma must have had Dragold short after season one's final as Kamon's and Ryouma's battle isn't too long ago (and the final was half a year ago).
How would Ryouma have gotten Dragold just like that? I don't know, maybe it's just me, but he doesn't look like the kind of person who can easily get a B-Daman as powerful as Dragold in such a short time after it has gotten back into the B-Crystal.
Well, in the CF B-Daman finale, Kamon still had Garuburn, so there must've been a large time gap between the two seasons. Anything could have happened.
(Mar. 01, 2013  9:11 PM)~Mana~ Wrote: Well, in the CF B-Daman finale, Kamon still had Garuburn, so there must've been a large time gap between the two seasons. Anything could have happened.

half a year isn't such a long time...
I would personally find it really uncreative to bring back Dragold
or maybe I just can't bring myself to believe that Ryouma would do anything on his own to get Dragold... that might be because he does nothing but to sit on his throne so far...

and then there's the thing that there is no second dragon in the legend (that is of course a lot like season one's because they are connected) and I really have no idea why they would bring him back. Dragold has already learned his lesson.

Edit: the shape of Ryouma's B-Daman doesn't solely resemble a dragon but qilin, too (though there are lots of ways to portray it)
@ SouPudeliK: Think that Ryoma's B-Daman is Dyna=Triples?
Don't forget, in the six month gap, Ryoma did something with the B-Crystal (if I recall correctly). Maybe he ended up manipulating Dragold against his will.

That, or Dyna=Triples genuinely is Ryoma's. It would make sense; the one image we've seen of Ryoma's B-Daman has multiple heads.
@ ~Mana~: That gives me an idea for a theory of how he caused Kamon to lose Garuburn's B-Animal and his memories; Ryoma used the B-Crystal's power for such things in that fateful battle.
It could well be. I mean, it's not natural for that to happen I guess...
Eh, it's said that he did something with the B-Crystal? Oh, if that really is the case it would definitely make sense yes (but I still wouldn't like it because... not agaaain Dragold no)
When is that said? (It can't be in the first episodes hm... The only time I can recall when the B-Crystal is mentioned is when they talk about the B-Animals getting released and that the WBMA wants to keep contact to people all over the world to 'prevent' things like that in season one to happen again again... which was a little weird because everything happened because one of their own special staff members but whatever...)

Anyway, it seems like the B-Daman on Crest Island have always been able to talk? (at least Aona and Kamon weren't too impressed by Natsumi being happy about her Rabbit talking. or maybe it's just them but they can't be that ignorant... hm.)? Maybe that has something to do with Ryouma and his B-Daman (something similar to the B-Crystal?)

Dyna=Triples could be that of the B-Master of the north though, I think. The northern animal (ah I forgot his name... it's a mix of a turtle and a snake) has multiple heads, too.
Though I wonder why it's 'Triples' because both (Ryouma's B-Daman and that northern thing) seem to have two heads
@ SouPudeliK: It's Xuan Wu or Genbu
Genbu = Black Tortoise = Gatling=Deathciel.

I thought I covered this aspect already?
@ ~Mana~: SouPudeliK is just confused, give him some slack
Maybe I should just stop trying to think late at night xD I'm sorry. Of course there's still deathciel yes.

But there could still be a new B-Daman that is not owned by someone who is a B-Master (Chaos B-Daman still hasn't been revealed, either, right?)
@ SouPudeliK: Right, Agent Chaos. Ryoma's right-hand @$#%&, excuse my French, who almost killed Subaru in Episode 5.
(Mar. 02, 2013  4:06 AM)T. L-Drago 9207 Wrote: @ ~Mana~: SouPudeliK is just confused, give him some slack

I wasn't trying to be mean in any way...? I was just giving a reminder, it wasn't supposed to be malicious in any way.
Looks like Ryouma takes off his mask in next week's episode...
Yeah. Aona doesn't seem overjoyed to see him either...
@ ~Mana~: Especially with what he did to Kamon, too.
Hey, anyone seen Episode 23 through Keyhole TV? Ryoma restored Kamon's memories while corrupting him and Garuburn into a Dark State.
Welcome to the arc of "Let's make Kakeru the main Protagonist and Kamon the Antagonist".

Seriously though, it was entirely predictable. I even said to T. L-Drago 9207 on B-Daman Wiki's chat that, if he were to get his memories back, he would end up in a corrupted state, and so he has.

Doesn't mean it isn't completely amazing though. I'm hating Kakeru's spamming of his Double Emblem Charge, but all the same, he doesn't always succeed with it.

Hopefully Episode 24 will give us a "Kamon goes back to normal, but is too scared to play B-Daman" situation. I don't really want to see him become the antagonist...
Poor Kamon...It's going to be sad to see him in such emotional wreck should he be broken out of that corrupted state.
Well, you never know. I hope that that happens though. But for all we know, he may come out with even more determination.
Yeah, to defeat Ryoma and save every good B-Der of Crest Land from his tyrannical machinations.
Whoops, looks like the next three episodes won't be a surprise:
Yup, undoubtedly predictable stuff. But, it's going to be worth it to see Kakeru wring Kamon back to his senses!
Whoops, this kinda died I guess. Might as well kick it back up.

The company due to dub Cross Fight B-Daman into English has been revealed. SunRights Inc will be representing the Western Market while the series airs as well.