Cross Fight B-Daman Anime Thread

This is the Cross Fight B-Daman Anime Thread! Discuss the Anime of the fantastic Marble Shooting Game, B-Daman

Cross Fight is a revival of an anime that had been stopped for a while now. Please discuss your Thoughts.

If you Want to See the episodes so Far, I will Embed then Here as soon as I find them online.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

My Thinking?
My opinion, Its quite Intriguing right now, and it seems very interesting. I honestly Don't get if this Organization that Kakeru found is Evil or not? Anyway, give your thoughts here for the anime.

Do not just go "I Like it" or "Its cool". Elaborate on your Thinking.
Very interesting two episodes, I almost launched backwards off of my chair seeing the B-Daman's eyes turn.
Lol, He's got a toy watching him in his sleep. Lol, Can B-Daman even sleep, they are plastic. Anyway, I hope to find out the Plot of this season, hope its good.
I like the new B-Daman, For me it's better than Crash B-Daman..
Thanks for the episodes videos Grin
Welcome, its a pleasure. But don't thank me, thank MovieJunkie2009. The character designs are better in CF than Crash. In Crash, the characters look like MFB characters. And the plot of Crash had a worse start then CF.
Kakeru was the silhouette, right? The one on the projection screen?
No, He's the main character. By found I meant stumbled upon.
The dude with the blue hair?

He is on the good side..
I know but the organization he stumbled upon seems evil. I'm kinda confused, will he rebel if they are evil, are they good? I'm so confused, or in suspense. Either emotion will be fine. Lol
I do not get who Rev's owner is..
He is the guy who wears yellow with the black/navy blue hair. His name, Idk, Idk.
I've seen episode 1. It seemed pretty interesting, and I'm going to watch episode 2 next. But what is the point of plastic toys shooting out marbles against each other? Is it supposed to clog the opponent whole with it's marbles?
Look up the details of B-Daman play, you'll see these:

Knocking out the opponents barrel, or DHB.
Knocking down targets.
Various other challenges.
oh my god, this is better than MFB and the toy line looks awsome! the anime will do well here in the USA, i guess, and the orginization looks evil! that is just me though
See, it is evil, even the silhouette suggests it!
The story line is better than MFB for sure, the plastic and HMS ones were to. But this is not beyblade, this is B-Daman. Gotta say, this one is the best. Battle B-Daman was just to cliche and involved too many cats, Crash made no sense, the others had a bad story line. But I gotta say, Cross fight is the best so far! The Characters look good and so do the B-Daman. The story line interest far from what the originals did. In Battle B-Da, the guy looked like a cat cuz apparently he was part cat? Ya.............
It's not evil guys, blasters owned are owned by good guys, look at the ending they are together in the same room Smile. I have to agree with you about the other B-Daman seasons by the way, they were hard to follow.
But it seems evil. He could have joined an organization not knowing it was evil. Being together in the same room does not mean they are all good. The organization could be evil without his knowing. They could be trying to put a twist i the story. How many Non-Evil organizations do you know that are owned by Dark, Glowing Purple silhouettes.
I've seen some shows with suprisingly good silhouettes Smile.
NEWS: 'Sasodo' is now 'Roll Thunder/Sander'
I'm hoping to get Sander, but Rev Dravise is my key wanting right now, In the anime, it is the main character's B-daman's rival, as the guy who owns it is the MC's rival.
Thank you. It was a decent episode, Stroke Orochi is such an odd name.
Yes it was. I am hoping to see a battle where kakeru (the main charaacter name ?) battle
Yamato ! Nooo ?? Whyyy :c LOL.