Cross Fight B-Daman Anime Thread

(Oct. 26, 2011  2:23 AM)Tris Wrote: Yamato ! Nooo ?? Whyyy :c LOL.

Dont be dissing mah Yamato.

here is Ep6 :
Why is she running away from the other girl? Weird
Man its so short well better than nothing...
i'm still not really getting the main storyline yet...
really, Shumon is aboy? she looks like girl pretty much to me. Why is he running away from (what hername- natsumi?)
i'm guessing eitehr he has a crush on her, or he thinks she's annoying. it's hard to interpret from his face.
He's got the phobia where guys are afraid of girls.
That's explain a lot
Thanks Sasodo
here is episode 7\
Wicked epic Rev Dtacyan
Episode 8:
I like Rev Dracyan so musch!!!!!!
episode 9 here:
That lion bey remind me about Poison Serpent crashing other bey
More interesting than the latest Beyblade episode.... Surprisingly enough.

Look at the growth spurt of Accel Dracyan, cannot keep one idea in the first half of the season?
Episode 10: Roar! Break shoot.
I will be making an Youtube account on uploading anime CF B-daman. Anyone agree?
(Dec. 05, 2011  12:28 PM)Tyler Le Wrote: I will be making an Youtube account on uploading anime CF B-daman. Anyone agree?

Wow great!! I agree of course. Tongue_out
I think this would be a great idea to help the CFB community, I hope it works out for you.
Ok, I would make it, but you will have to wait a while because i am cirrently on examination Time. I will make it ASAP.
I will try to add video with sub too if I can found any
Ok here is episode 11: Let's go! Metal accel!

Episode 12:
In the preview, you will see the Dragen in the special campaign with its original color.
Great!! Thank you for the episode!
I searched for it on Youtube and I didn't find it.
Thanks Again Grin
Thanks for giving us access to these, couldn't be more kind of you. Smile
Sorry for the late episode. My house is under construction so I am Kind of Busy
Episode 14:

And thank you Codeine Extorts, Meteor-V
Episode 15:
Episode 16:
Sory for the late episode
Episode 17:
Episode 18:
Episode 19:
Episode 20:
Late episode uploading is due to some error. Please enjoy!