Create Your Own Plastic Beyblade

Sorry if this is already a thread, I searched and I couldn’t find one.

Create Your Own Plastic

Please Follow this template:

Beyblade Name:

Bit Chip

Attack Ring:

Weight Disc:

Blade Base:




Beyblade Name: Thunderbird A (Arctic)

Bit Chip
Looks like an ice Phoenix

Attack Ring: Blaze Attack
Has blue flame like patterns

Weight Disc: 8 Heavy
Real part, needs no description

Blade Base: Metal Sharp Gear
Sharp metal engine gear tip

System: Engine Gear

Share your plastic creations here!
I’ve decided to make another bey

Emperor Dranzer GT
Bit Chip: Looks like a phoenix with golden armor
Attack Ring: Free-spin balance
Free spinning Dranzer S attack Ring
Weight Disc: Heavy Wide
Wide version of 8 heavy
Blade Base: Bearing
Bearing tip
System: Idk
Siren MS (Metal Scream)
Bit chip: Siren. Depicts a mermaid like creature.
Attack ring: Slip guard. Has three deflecting blades for defense.
Weight Disk: Outer heavy. Heavy outer weight distribution.
Blade Base: Guard ball. A plastic ball with a metal bearing surrounding it.
Type: Defense
System: MS

(I don't know much about plastic gen so sorry if I got stuff wrong)