CoroCoro Launches Free Online Manga Magazine

On March 15th, CoroCoro launched a new sister-site devoted entirely to manga.  Each featured series is updated weekly.  There are a number of classics like Kaitou Joker, Pokémon, and Usotsuki! Gokuo-kun, along with seven brand new serializations.  No fees or memberships required, it is entirely free.

My favorite of the brand new titles is Urban-Legend Sensei Uramon, by Mitsuhisa Tamura (author of the Buddyfight manga).  It is about a mysterious elementary school teacher with access to the gate between the spirit world and this one.  His students get into trouble when they form an urban legend club, summoning up terrifying monsters and demons, and Uramon must get over his generalized anxiety disorder and come to their rescue.  It started as a one-shot in the Bessatsu publication two years ago, and I was really happy to hear it had been picked up for serialization.