Competitive Metal Fight Beyblade Combos

(Dec. 15, 2010  8:51 AM)MeteorKing Wrote: Shiwei, I think Gravity Perseus is normally used in right-spin mode. Using Left Spin against an ES tip blade sounds like a terrible idea (as it may result in spin being stolen). Either way, Gravity Perseus AD145WD isn't top tier, and neither is ES, due to its stability issues (and lack of a bearing, though I think the stability is it's main issue). Also, you didn't state what stadium you used.

I'll let someone else address Earth Bull T125SD, but it sounds good to me, though I prefer WD to SD, and as has been said, stamina is currently a rapidly changing meta-metagame.

This probably isn't the place for the question, anyway, the Potential competitive combos thread, the parts testing thread, or even the "Ask a question, get an answer" thread would be more appropriate.

Personally, left spin mode is only useful when facing l drago as this adds more "recoil" (not the right word i know) and therefore a higher power for smash attacks. other than that right spin all the way.
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