Competitive Metal Fight Beyblade Combos - Updated 7/1/2014

This is a list of currently competitive combos in the Metal Fight Beyblade metagame. This topic will be updated as new parts are released. Please post your comments and suggestions. :) (Suggestions need to be accompanied by valid test results.)


  • {MSF{-H}} Wyvang Wyvang (GB145/W145/H145) (R2F/RF/LRF)
  • {MSF{-H}} Wyvang Dragooon SA165[Zero-G Attack] (R2F/RF/LRF)

  • {MSF{-H}} Balro Balro (CH120/D125/T125/W145) (RF/R2F/LRF)

  • {MSF-M/MSF-L} Bahamdia Dragooon BD145 (LRF/R2F/RF)

  • MF-H Flash (Orion/Escolpio/Pisces/Beelzeb) (GB145/H145/S130/CH120) (R2F/RF/LRF)


  • MF-H Duo (Aquario/Cancer/Hades/Cygnus) BD145 (RDF/RB)
  • MF-H Duo (Aquario/Cancer/Hades/Cygnus) E230 (RDF/RSF/RB/CS)

  • MSF-H (Revizer/Killerken) (Revizer/Killerken) BD145 (RDF/RB/CS/RSF)
  • MSF-H Revizer (Revizer/Killerken) E230 (RDF/RSF/CS/RB)

  • MSF-H Revizer Genbull E230 (RDF/RB/RSF/CS)
  • MSF-H (Revizer/Genbull) Genbull BD145 (RDF/RB/RSF)


  • Duo (Cancer/Cygnus/Hades) W145 (WD/EWD)
  • Duo (Cancer/Cygnus/Hades) (TH170/230) (D/SD/TB)
  • Duo (Cancer/Cygnus/Hades) SR200 TB
  • Duo (Cancer/Cygnus/Hades) B:D
  • Duo (Cancer/Cygnus/Hades) 160 PD
  • Duo (Cancer/Cygnus/Hades) SA165[Normal] EWD
  • MF(-M/-H) Duo (Cancer/Cygnus/Hades) 230 MB

  • Genbull Genbull (SR200/TH170) TB

  • {MSF{-H}} (Revizer/Genbull/Killerken/Girago) Dragooon SA165[Normal] EWD
  • {MSF-L} (Girago/Revizer/Killerken) Dragooon SA165[Zero-G Attack] EWD


  • (Girago/Genbull) Genbull E230 MB
  • Girago Girago E230 MB
  • MSF-H Wyvang Wyvang BD145 RSF
  • MF-L Phantom Cygnus 85 MF
  • (MSF-L) Balro Balro BD145MF
  • MF-H Flash (Orion/Escolpio/Pisces/Beelzeb) W145 MF
  • {MF{-L}} Duo (Cancer/Cygnus/Hades) F230* (CF/GCF)
  • {MSF{-L}} (Genbull/Girago/Revizer/Killerken) Dragooon F230* (CF/GCF)
  • {MSF{-L}} Genbull Genbull F230* (CF/GCF)
  • MF-H Diablo (Kerbecs/Unicorno II) BD145 RF
  • MSF-(H/L) Girago Girago BD145 RF
  • MSF-H Wyvang Dragooon BD145 RF
  • MSF-H Wyvang Dragooon BD145 RDF
  • {MSF-H} (Revizer/Killerken) Dragooon SA165[Normal] RDF
  • Genbull Dragooon (T125/D125) GCF
  • (MSF-H) Genbull Genbull (TH120/SR200) CS

* F230 must be one of the orange TAKARA TOMY ones from ZGRBV3, not the brown or red ones.

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The Committee has decided to move all discussion of the Competitive Metal Fight Beyblade Combos list to the Advanced Forum to prevent any of the unsupported arguments for certain customs to be added that have been strewn throughout the old thread. That said, we do not want to discourage members who are not Veterans from suggesting their ideas. They may post their ideas–with test results to support them–in the Beyblade Customizations forum within their own topics. We will see them.
List updated!
- BWD removed as an option for (MSF-H) Reviser/Genbull/Killerken Dragooon SA165 (Normal Mode) EWD
List updated!
Minor Update:
  • {MSF-L} (Girago/Revizer/Killerken) Dragooon SA165[Zero-G Attack] EWD: Reviser/Killerken added and MSF-L made optional.
  • MF-H Flash (Orion/Escolpio/Pisces/Beelzeb) W145 MF moved to Balance.