Combo help!

Okay, so I have this combo, it's my best. It is Driger S attack ring, 10 balance weight disk, dark dranzer support parts and a Driger V2 base... If you guys could help me come up with a improved version of it, or come up with a better blade, that would be great Grin So here are a list of my parts:
Dark dranzer attack ring and sub attack ring
Galeon main attack ring
Galman main attack ring and sub attack ring
Driger V2 support parts
Driger V2 attack ring
Burning kerberous base and core
Dark dranzer base
MG, MW, Left spin, Right Spin, core.
Metal Dranzer base
Dranzer V2 Attack ring, support part, base.
Dragoon G attack ring
Rock bison attack ring
and i'm not bothering with engine gear cus I really hate them.
And i basically have all the main weight disks (if not my best friend will have them)
Try changing the SG and BB to Burning Kerberus.
(Aug. 29, 2008  7:46 PM)a Wrote: anyone else got any ideas?

Wait for people to post. Unnecessary posts will just clutter up your thread.
There's not much parts you could change really... You could use Galeon's AR instead, but it should have a similar effect as Tiger Defenser.
Would 10-Wide be better than 10-Balance for this?
I think Ten Balance would be better for this combo. imo maybe a Ten Heavy?
yeah, and a HMC if you can find one