Capricorne 100HF.

Why post, then?

Quote:Capricorne 100HF is one of the worst sellers of the Metal System, and for good reasons: Capricorne is simply useless, 100 is only decent for some Attack types, and Hole Flat has been outclassed since (shortly after) its release. As such, '''this Beyblade should only be considered for collection purposes'''.

Kai-V Wrote:As such, '''there is no reason to buy this Beyblade outside of collective purposes'''.

"Collective" describes something that belongs to many. I assume this is an oversight, considering we have the same word in French.

There was obvious discontent that I didn't think would change with only Kai-V saying it was correct, so I confirmed it was and also tried to please and satisfy the other opinions.

Kai-V Wrote:however Capricorne simply lacks all the weight necessary for those properties and its design has no accute points.

I assume you mean "acute"?

Kai-V Wrote:As is often the case with Wheels also, the slopes are not really in the proper direction

The "also" doesn't seem to be needed.

I fixed those two issues.
This article has been published.

I did not add the package photographs though, nor did I mention that Fury Capricorn was "Another Version".
Still disagree with not calling fury capricorn an alternate version, but nice to see the article up finally :3
Yay, I'm glad to see it up as well! Grin
Good to see the article is finally up!

Perhaps you could try to call Fury Capricorne a remastered version? That seems like a good word for it.