:Cancelled till further notice:(Melbourne, Australia) A Blader's Final Wish

Edit: Although this is cancelled for beydays due to not meeting numbers, I may still keep this in mind for either a future event or an unofficial event.

Hello Everybody! For too long Australia has not have a successful tournament. For too long have our beyblades rested in their storage boxes and draws. For too long has the sound of metal clashing not been heard in the streets and parks of our great country. NO LONGER! Today I announce my latest attempt to bring back the great battles that waged in the city of Melbourne. I give you:

[Image: 8wwOWso.png]

Date: ?
Location: Queen Victoria Gardens OR Games Laboratory (I will be discussing with the people who run the store on Wednesday to see if i can organise it to be there) Ill post addresses once organised, but both are in the CBD.
Tournament Entry: Thanks to beydays, this will be free
Format: Limited (Many of us will probably not have good Zero-G stuff), Round Robin
Prizes: TBC but there will be some.
Confirmed Attendees (Before cancellation):
Giraton (+1 guest)
Chaos Blader
TheFastestGamer (+1 guest)

I am currently organising some people I know so we can make the numbers, but if you know you can go, please post below. WE MUST REACH 7 CONFIRMED ATTENDEES BEFORE MONDAY NEXT WEEK! If you have any questions PLEASE PM ME! If you have parents with worries wish to talk to me, please PM me with a way to talk to them as I am willing to answer any questions.

Let our beyspirits burn with the fire of 1000 suns as we Let It Rip one last time before Burst!
I'm in.
So I gone and asked about Games Laboratory as a potential venue, and it seems we can do it, I just have to get some formal writing down. It will be busy that day, seeing as it's Modern Masters weekend for Magic, but there will still be space for our event. As such, I will start collecting people who are yet to be part of this forum starting tomorrow, so hopefully we can get enough people by Monday.
Giraton its me Chris Safi on skype i am in

maybe add Carey Denis
Well one last person, considering how close it is to actually going i'll continue to plan holding this, in fact ill ask my youngest brother if he would like to join in later today. Once we have the people then ill start organising the formalities such as the event space and getting this official.
....really? This is gonna fail because we don't have 1 person? Ok, if I don't have one more person confirmed in this by the end of today, this is cancelled. Desperate levels maximum now, hence the double post.
I just sent exceptional pre-approval Invites using the BeyMap; hopefully that helps wake some people up.
In that case I am not canceling it today, but I will be unable to get Games Lab as a venue, simply because confirmation is too late to request such a thing. Thanks Kai-V by the way.
I am sad to say that this tournament will be unable to be held on Beydays weekend, seeing as its tomorrow and we have not met the require attendees to get it going. However, I still want to do some form of beyblading event in the near future, whether it be official or not, and I will use this topic as the basis of it, so if you are a melbourne blader that wishes to join in a future event, post here so I know (or send a PM) and I may just start planning right off that.
Normally, I'd travel from NSW for this. But I've been out in the bush for nearly a month now, doing sciencey things and I barely have internet - let alone the freedom to drop everything and run. I only saw this today. Which is silly, really, and I'm sorry for that. I'm travelling around all year actually - but next month might be better. As I grow older, I find I need more and more advance warning to do stuff like this.

Can we do late June? I'd be able to bring a few silver tops for lolz as well.
I'll see what I can do. I need to organise all my uni stuff.
I'll most likely go if it happens, hope it does though, it's been far too long since the last one!
Well, looks like I'm not going to be good until late October. Pity. It's just been such a busy year for work. And I do enjoy the work - so it's not like I'm dying to quit.

Sorry guys.