Can someone make a burst tournament in pr

Im too young to make one and i want to be in one so if someone in pr can you pls make tournament

Well, this is gonna keep happening. I'm gonna try to be as kind as I can.

Most of us don't live in Puerto Rico. Most of us cannot afford to visit Puerto Rico. WBO is an all volunteer staff. We can't go to PR to run a tournament for you; many organizers aren't adults who control their own lives, and those of us that are have responsibilities at home to take care of.

If you have enough people in Puerto Rico who want to play a beyblade tournament (say, 8), then one of you needs to become the organizer for WBO tournaments in PR. It's going to involve some personal responsibility.

The only ones who can become organizers in PR are you or your friends. Find the most responsible and capable among you, ideally someone with access to easy travel and at least 1 or two Burst Standard Beystadiums. Maybe get an adult involved, see if anyone's got a parent who's willing to go to bat for a couple of young bladers who want to have tournaments. And then have them read the rules. And then have one of them become an organizer.

I wish you luck. But please, stop making these threads.