Call of Duty Black Ops Map Pack 3

Ystrday I was looking on YouTube for new Zombie ids and den I typed in thesyndicateproject. And I checked his vid.... But I saw on his vid there is a new map pack coming out soon. It's called Annihilation I think but it's going to be out in 28th June 2011 on XBOX so far..... I do not know if it will be out on PS3. On this map pack you get 5 or 4 maps and they are, Hangak 18, hazard, drive-in, silo and 1 is called zombies. Weird name but still 1 is a zombie map and da rest is online maps!

I rill inform u guys if there is more info.
I refuse to buy this. This is ridiculous. Is it too much to ask for a game with all of the maps on the disk? Seriously, why should I pay 45 extra dollars to get the rest of the game. That is absurd.
I have a bad feeling dat it will be more expensive. And rumors has been spreading dat da zombie map is in a jungle/ or a forest! Dat wud be awesome. But again it will be expensive.
2day I just found out dat da new zombie map is call Shangri-La. 4 more info on this map go on YouTube and type in TheSyndicateProject.
There is kind of a trailer/gameplay on Shangri-La. Go 2 thesyndicateproject on YT.
It's Shangri-La, I presume you play as Dempsey and friends.
From what I've heard it's set in Korea, and it is 1200 Microsoft Points A.K.A around 16 bucks.

The real question is why all of the map packs are so carping expensive, Jeez.
Thresher I really must agree with you on them just making a freaking game with al lthe add on content with it.
I think its just cause they wanna take our money.
It's true. There will be easter eggs and the story linked up somehow.....
Soz, dis will be out of topic but Moon has came out (Rezzurection) 2day 12:40 am London