(CANCELLED)[Perth, Western Australia] (22/07/2012) Broken Ripcord Cup! (PLASTICS)

Event cancelled due to lack of interest. Unhappy

Okay, so July 22nd is Plastics Remembrance Day.
You may have noticed that since last year, I've kinda become the site's resident "plastics nut", so of course, come plastics remembrance day, I'll be darned if I'm not gonna be spinning some tops! Also, I have a loss to avenge against r0ckbull! Eee

Don't have any plastics? Don't worry! Just like last year, I'll be lending out tops for the tournament – and this year they will be much, much more competitive. The fewer I have to lend the better, but I could pretty easily lend enough for an entire tournament - and a damn good one at that. If you plan to borrow, there is some stuff in the notes below you should read.

Anyway, here are the details. It's still early days, so things may change slightly, but probably won't, other than perhaps the venue changing to another location in kings park, perhaps.

Date: Sunday, July 22nd, 2012.

Time: Be there for 11AM, absolutely no later.

Location: Variety Pavillion, Kings Park. Here's A Map of Kings Park's Venues It's #33, off Saw Avenue.
If someone knows somewhere central with more shelter that won't cost money, I'd like to hear it! Also, on the off chance everyone who comes lives South of the River, we could do something closer to my place, but I don't think that's very likely

Format: PLASTICS – Not MFB, or HMS (though free play will be open to both and we might do a small HMS thing afterwards, interest/time allowing).

Stadium: Tornado Attack – it's similar to BB-10, but much fairer for plastics, less prone to random KO's and overall much more consistent. It's widely considered the best stadium for plastics.
I'll be bringing my spare beat up one for warm-ups and HMS/Plastic Free Play (no using MFB in it please), as well as my BB-10 for MFB free play.

Attendance Limit: 10 People - We only have the one stadium, and I want to run round robin. This limit means you NEED to make sure you can come before saying so!

ENTRY FEES: $5 for Single Entry, Free for Blader Passport Holders – Blader Passports cost $10 and give you free entry to all WBO events for a year thereafter.
Note: Anyone who bought a passport at 'The Only Show In Perth" or "Perth Plastics Pandemonium", your passports will have expired, so you will have to pay entry or buy another.
Right now I cannot afford to subsidise entry fees, though depending on how some IRL stuff goes, that may change and I might end up paying entry for people who either lend or bring their own.

Prizes: Assuming they get here in time, the prizes will be a choice of either Wolborg 4, Driger G, or Dragoon G. The first two don't have launchers but I'll throw those in, and hopefully enough ripcords will survive to give you one of the longer ones.
First Place chooses first, then Second, then Third gets the remaining bey. I won't take a prize, so if I place, the remaining beyblade will be used either as a "beyspirit prize" or I'll draw a name out of a hat or something, I dunno.

Stuff to bring:
Beyblades: Your own plastics (if you have any), as well as HMS, and any MFB if you want to freeplay with them.
Ripcords: If you have any Takara Light Launcher 1 ripcords or plastics Dragon Winders, please bring them, at least for your own use, even if you don't have a beyblade. Lending them would be appreciated but is not necessary.
Stadiums: If you have a Tornado Attack stadium from the plastics era, and are willing to lend it to us for the tournament if time gets tight and we need to run two stadiums at once, it would be really super cool. Feel free to bring whatever Stadiums for free play, too.
Rugs: I've become very protective of my plastics, and I'm sure the other owners are too, so if you can bring rugs to cover the floor and protect their tips, it'd be really nice of you. I'll try to bring one or two myself, but yeah.
Food and Drinks: PLEASE bring your own lunch/snacks/drinks – I can't afford a sausage sizzle this time, sorry, and I forget whether or not there's any food stands nearby but yeah, please bring your own, and don't complain if you're hungry and didn't bring any.

Other Info (Click to View)
Again, please make sure you can definitely come before saying so! I would like you to post in this thread before I put your name on the list.

Don't make me drag people off the street!

1. th!nk
2. Neko Fury
3. E11EVEN
4. R0ckBULL
5. th!nk's Sister (if required)

Haha, it has been ages.

I think I have a bag of leftover plastics somewhere but I'll still be missing a few parts which I'll need to lend in order to make a whole bey.

Not sure if I could make it for 11am though considering I have footy umpiring early Sunday morning so getting there would be tight. Any chance of pushing it back to early afternoon?

Maybe this'll be able to replenish my beyblade spirit. When Zero G started I got pretty ticked off because I'd spent all this money on the MFB and now it's being replaced by the new thing. So recently I've reverted back to Yugioh where every generation is compatible with the last (the way it should be) and I may have drawn SDC and Fggdyg down with me Tongue_out.

So in summary put me down as a 'maybe'. I'll tell SDC and Fggdyg in person about the tourney as I know we've all been pretty inactive on the WBO.

See ya!

Yeah, I can look at making it later, I'm just worried about it running too late and getting cold or whatever, but if it's more convenient then it shouldn't be an issue, I certainly don't mind a bigger sleep-in, haha. What kinda time were you thinking?
If you work out what parts you'll need, do PM me, I can definitely lend you stuff, but if it's something I have loads of spares of I might be able to give you them, though I'm guessing you'll need base clips (I only have a couple sets spare of those). If you send me a decent picture of your parts I can help you ID them and maybe suggest a combo or two Tongue_out

It'd be great if you could let them know, I lost all of the beyblader phone numbers I had a few months back. Most Perth members have disappeared now, it's a real shame.
Zero G aint so bad, and most parts are backwards compatible, but the need to keep buying stuff to keep up certainly isn't fun, especially now it takes two beys to make one usable one, but then Synchrom has basically just been all defense so far anyway.
Perhaps you should get into plastics like I have, I mean, it's not cheap, but at least new releases don't keep making your parts outclassed, and if more people here were into plastics I would definitely do regular plastics tournaments, haha.

I'm definitely hoping this restarts the Perth scene, even if I'm not that interested in MFB and just generally very reclusive right now, it was a real shame to see everyone disappear like that and to not do something for BeyDays. It'll be nice to see everyone again, especially as I haven't seen any of you except Brian for a year or so now. last year's plastics tournament was a load of fun too, so this should be really good (and hopefully a real good test to see if all the work I've done with plastics translates into a competitive environment!)

I'm hoping to get 8 people confirmed before the actual remembrance day announcement (which is probably the worst kept secret on the site right now), plus once that's sorted, I can concentrate more on the other stuff I have to get sorted.
Put me down for maybe, my chances of coming are likely.
I have put you down as a maybe Smile

Do remember though, being a maybe doesn't guarantee you a spot if enough people can confirm, and we need 8 confirmed people to get the tournament approved, too.
Since it will only be the first week of 2nd semester for me during that time, I'll come.

I might want to do judging and I will probably borrow plastics since I've decided not to bring Drigers
I've added you as confirmed, it'll be nice to meet you, haha. If you borrow from me there's a fair chance you'll get a driger as one of the combos anyway, given the number of them I have, and how useful their parts are.
Maybe, I need to check.

I'm starting a new school and all that kinda pressure, plus I may have a camp on at that time. But yeah, I would love to get back into Beyblade (just not a fan of Zero-G). Plastics, I'll give em a shot if I go to this. My inactivity is due to two things:
- My dislike of Zero-G
- My lack of knowledge in Plastics
That kinda make me useless as of now on the forum Tongue_out (and I was so close to the antique face Unhappy )

But yeah I'll have my confirmed answer in the next few days. I'd love to get the old gang back together XD
lol, if you want to learn about plastics, you live in the same state as me and I can give university standard lectures on the damned things, haha. I'm always happy to help people learn to spin plastic tops.

Hopefully you can come, really don't want to have to drag people off the street or something like that haha.
Make that i can definately come
Awesome, you have been added to the list! Thanks very much for finding out and letting me know so fast. Grin

I'm pretty sure r0ckbull said to me he'd be coming via SMS when I texted him, but I'll wait for him to post before adding him to the list. He damn well better be there though, I have a defeat to avenge. But I sincerely doubt he'd miss this, haha.

If we run 1-2 short, I may be able to convince one or two people to come along, if necessary, though we still need at least three more confirmations (incuding r0ckbull's, so probably two) for that to be enough.
Sorry, but Fggdyg and I are going to be camping in Exmouth for school from the 19th to the 29th Unhappy So we can't go. Really sorry, I would have loved to go (just for catching up purposes if not the tourney) but yeah we can't attend.
I just posted about it on the official Beyblade Facebook Page, but that never really brings anything, ironically ...
Oh, good. Apparently we do have 5 people from Perth there, so who knows, it could work.

I'll send out a larger set of PM's later today. I'll be damned if I'm missing out on Plastics Remembrance, haha.
Okay, still working on that larger set of PM's, I've been busy haha. Anyway, my sister has confirmed her availability if she's required to make up numbers, and the title has changed to something more fitting and exciting!

If anyone knows anyone from perth who might be interested, if they don't have an account already, make them sign up, and whether they do or don't, send me their account name, it'll help me update my perth members list that was last touched this time last year haha.

Let's get this thing off the ground guys (and gals)!
I'm SO Threre~!!!! =D
Wooo! A chance to take my revenge for last year! Grin Grin Grin

Thanks for posting, can't wait to get in the dish against you again man!
Kay, things are starting to look a bit bad, I'll send out a Mass PM later on but most people aren't able to make it... My bey heart weeps :c


There's the announcement, c'mon!

By the way, let me know what you guys want in terms of prizes after reading that - the new face boosters or the prizes I've got. If people want the new boosters instead, I can make those the prizes and sell the current prizes at cost ($11 each for Wolborg 4 and Driger G, and $8 for Dragoon G, with a priority on people who have no plastics of their own.)

Also, I may have to cap the number of people I lend to at 6 or 7, to keep it competitive, but we'll see.

I will make it, its just a lot of people here don't come very often...and not many play Beyblades in Perth (I don't play as much anymore because I have other things of interest)

Of course I don't often come here anymore, I usually come once in a while for updates...kind of sad really XD
ill be there! Joyful_2
Come on, surely you guys can all fetch a cousin or sibling so that you have two or three additional participants ...
... Apparently not.

Well, it's a shame, but at least I tried, maybe some other time...

Just some details in the very likely case we don't get enough people: I definitely won't be there unless we get an official tourney so don't show up unless you guys want to have a get together. It's difficult for me to get out there and I have a lot of stuff going on atm.

As for the beys I bought for prizes, apart from wolborg 4 once they arrive I will be selling them, I'd rather not post them though so if you live south of the river or are able/willing to make the trip to Thornlie, and are interested in any of the beys, let me know. I'll be selling them at cost (~$10.50 Driger G and something like $9 for Dragoon G), but I will throw in a ripcord and launcher for Driger G (Dragoon G coms with one). I'd rather sell them to people who are just starting out with plastics, as Driger G especially is a good starting bey, but I'm really not fussy, and I'd rather not have to try to sell these internationally, but I really could use the money right now guys so I'd appreciate it.

EDIT: Wolborg 4 is no longer for sale as the one I bought for my own use was faulty.
Well, I think this is as late as I can honestly leave it, for organisational reasons.

I'm sorry guys, but no tournament. I'll send out a PM tomorrow. A shame, but oh well. I'd come out just to mess around with plastics but it's a long drive for my mother and sister to make, and I've got some personal stuff going on that I'd only be willing to put aside for a tournament.

If any of you are interested in doing this some other time though, do let me know. No Remembrance draw (and that's a shame, there's a bunch of sweet stuff up for grabs), but yeah.
That's sad...oh well, more time for me to do other things on Sunday DX