(Byron,Georgia USA)Crimson Breakers Beyclub

What is the Crimson Breakers Beyclub?

Crimson Breakers Beyclub is a competitive Beyblading team. We are located in Byron, Georgia,and host/attend tournaments there regularly.We're always happy at the opportunity to compete against new bladers, and travel to events that are in our state whenever we can! If there's a major tournament going up in Atlanta, you can bet at least 3 of our teammates will be there to represent us!

Can I join the Crimson Breakers Beyclub? 

Well, there are some criteria you need to meet.The Team (Primarily the Team Captain) must be able to tolerate you as a person. We don't like poor sportsmanship, or terrible attitudes.
You MUST Attend tournaments in Georgia. We do not compete against teams or bladers that don't recognize us as a team of the World Beyblade Organization.
You must have Exceptional Blader Skills. You must place True Strength in every battle if you want to be a Crimson Breaker. This team is competition-based. If you want to join, you have to demonstrate your ability.
You must respect the other bladers of the team. Making it on board isn't easy, and they're here for a reason. They know their stuff. Keep that in mind.

If you think you meet the criteria, talk to us in the private messages. We'll interview you, and the Beyclub will vote you in or not. We may say no,or ask you to wait, but don't be discouraged if we do. We want the best for this team, so not just anyone will be allowed to join.

Team Captain: Joseph Van Fossen[ZetStriker]
Assistant Team Captain: Jamir Shabazz[Joker]
Elite Team Trainer: Michael Jennings[Balanced Defender]
Team Trainer: Nolan Thomas[Dark Skull]
Photographer: Shayna Case[Artix]
Blader: Austin Van Fossen[Ricron]
Blader: Heather Van Fossen[Dark Hydra]