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How did u find one it wasnt released...
I think it was released in a random booster
Wrong it has to do something with the sol blaze movie plus it's just a dark aquario
Hey Dannajude give us a link....
It would surely be a prise Bey, and the prize Beys are Aries 125D, Pisces D125BS, Stardust Pegasis 100RF, Grand Ketos WD145/T125RS, Earth Virgo GB145BS Killer Beafowl UW145EWD, Mad Cancer CH120FS, Wind Aquario 100HF/S and Clay Aries ED145B. Can you see Poseidon in that list?
Poseiden Was Released In a Random Booster 12 i think
Yeah I think it was released in random booster 12
There is no RBV12 the last one was beafowls
were talking about the Plastic generation not MFB
Dark Poseidon is an MFB. It's just a dark aquario
(Jan. 09, 2011  1:00 AM)Ra Wrote: Dark Poseidon is an MFB. It's just a dark aquario

I think he means Poseidon from Mystel in G-Revolution, and there were about 12 or so RBV's for plastic gen.
I'm not sure about an MFB Posideon, but I am 90% sure that Dannajude is talking about this
It's released with the Movie..
(Jan. 09, 2011  12:57 AM)Soldier-F3AR Wrote: Yeah I think it was released in random booster 12
it was released in random Booster 12
Bey You Can Get Randoom Booster 12
Appollon (Light Yellow) (prize) 1/12
Venus (Violet) 1/12
Poseidon (Blue) 1/12
Flame Pegasus (Light Purple) (Secret)
Appollon (Violet)
Appollon (Blue)
Venus (Light Yellow)
Venus (Blue)
Poseidon (Light Yellow)
Poseidon (Violet)
Dragoon V2 (Yellow)
Draciel V (Light Blue)
Yeah am talking about Poseidon the blade that Mystel uses in G Revolution
(Jan. 09, 2011  1:03 AM)Fogot Wrote: It's released with the Movie..

Someone agrees with me. If he says dark Poseidon than he mans mfb. Let's just stop posting on this thread if were not offering him anythingp
Very easy to have Dark Poisiden in MFB

Darko Posideno - Dark Poisiden

In the Sol Blaze movie magazime comic there was a small bit on how to make Poisiden.

Needed parts

Gravity Perseus face
Wind Aquario"s Aquario clear wheel
Dark bull"s dark metal wheel
145 track from Earth Equila
WD bottom from earth Aquila
lastly the magazime comic came with the dark poisiden stickers
magazine on ebay for 26 USD

costs about 45-65 USD to make it
I wouldn't buy it
Does NO ONE see that the title does not say DARK Poseidon, but just Poseidon, which is a Plastic Beyblade.
Yeah, this is almost assuredly about the Plastic generation Bey.
That´s the point Zeox. He clearly said Poseideon from Plastic Generation and not Dark Poseidon.
you should look for a RBV12. someone's already listed the prizes on here. There's a good chance of getting what you want.
Actually there are only 2 user that could have it.
G or BrokWine,they are the 2 bigger plastic collector of WBO,but I don t see G on line since mounths and I don t think Brok is going to sell his poiseidon..