[Buying]  The Bishop’s Buying [MFB](Limited Edition Beys)

I am looking for a few specific special edition collector beyblade’s

Only Official Takara Tomy/Hasbro products! MINT or NIB condition.

[Image: WBOwishlist_zpse6080ae7.png]

I'm also looking for one of these rare facebotls

If any members happen to have any of these items for sale PM ME

Otherwise I would appreciate a shout if anyone stumbles upon a great deal.
I usually shop on amazon

Payment through PayPal
88powerpig88 is probably your best bet, he has an amazon too, but his eBay has a wider selection.
OP Updated: 9/09/13 (New Addition Omega Dragonis 85xf)
I hqve definitely seen the sol blaze on dimsum2you shop.
(Sep. 09, 2013  9:40 PM)jacolal Wrote: I hqve definitely seen the sol blaze on dimsum2you shop.

he is currently out of stock in the red version, or i would order one in a heartbeat. (they are way overpriced right now)
Dimsum rocks!
Oh. Sorry about that. I'll try to find thqt for you though.

Ooh... Foynd. This it is a cyber Pegasus but it is 100 hf. Would this he of any help.

OP Updated: 9/13/13 (Purchased Burn Phoenix Ice Blue 105F) (New Addition burning claw fang leone w105R2F)
OP Updated: 9/25/13 (Purchased Purple Crystal Earth Aquila 105HF/S) (Purchased Burning Claw Fang Leone w105R2F) (New Addition Blue Vari Ares D:D) (New Addition Purple Ray Striker Unicorno D125CS)
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Mint Omega dragonis: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B007PFXNQ6...SY165_QL70. Really good seller too
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Try jh1026, he sells rare stuff, and even regular stuff with rare stuff.
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OP Updated: 4/11/14 (Purchased sun red sol blaze v145as) (Purchased infinity libra gb145s) (New Addition 2012 world cup wing pegasis s130rb) (New Addition armored gold l drago destroy df105lrf)