[Buying]  Takara BB-10 Beystadium, Attack Type.

I've checked Ebay and Amazon, there's like...none. Or I'm just an idiot and missed it.

Anyway, I prefer to pay with paypal, it's a LOT more reliable.

So uh, if anyone here on the WBO for some strange and unknown reason is willing to sell me said stadium that is in working condition, let me know.

You can PM me or what have you, and we can work the prices out.


Try G-market, although you run the risk of some damage to your stadium.

I would suggest Dimsum2u BB-32 set. Works out to be very cheap Approx 60 US for stadium, 2 beylaunchers, dark wolf and storm pegasis. Slight recolour too.
Yeah, I got mine from GM, came with a big-@ss bump in it.
is there any way to like, undo that big carp bump? Confused
not that I know of
oh my. where is this bump anyway? does it affect the play alot?
It would be around the center. Movement patterns are altered.
oh wow. that MSSHOP guy on gmarket should really package his carp better.