[Buying]  Looking for NIB: Driger S, Dragoon V & Beystadium

Hi! This is my first post... I'm completely new to this, and a bit of a forum virgin at that, so forgive me if this is in the wrong section or if there's already a thread like this :p

I used love Beyblades as a kid and now I'm going through a phase of collecting them after my brother found some scuffed up beys in a car boot/yard sale... it lit up the red mist I had as a blader again; I've bought a few brand new original plastic series beys from ebay for around £10-15 recently (they're in my avatar) and I'm hoping for more.

I can't find a new (or as new) Driger S or Dragoon V anywhere though - it was my favourite as a young'un. Is anybody selling one? And since I'm collecting them I need a way of battling the second hand ones I have - anybody getting rid of a good condition Beystadium too? It doesn't have to be a vintage or even genuine stadium, just one big, cheap and interesting enough to use them in the right environment.

I live in the UK and can pay by Paypal. WHO WANTS TO MAKE MY DAY GrinDDDDDDDDDD
Well I know they sell them on eBay...NIB and used. If you got them used there's a thread for sticker sheets, you could print out your own stickers. Smile Hope this helps.



Word of warning they get super expensive. ^^