[Buying]  Looking for BEGA's Blades

Hello WBO!

I know they are extremely rare (especially nowadays) but I am looking for the BEGA team's Beyblades from the first Generation of Beyblade.

The Beyblades are:


If anyone has any they are willing to sell or any leads on where I can get them for a reasonable price, please let me know!
which condition and what i for u a "reasonable" price?
(Feb. 17, 2016  4:39 PM)taxus Wrote: which condition and what i for u a "reasonable" price?

New or Used condition is fine! Just not too beat up!
i saw 2 venuses on someones selling thread recently

one of the blader from india i believe (not ashton pinto)
Keep an eye out on my Ebay listing. I have random blades like that time to time.
I have a gigars used and an apollo used
U might have them by now but I got Nib recolours of apollon Venus and Poseidon.
will be selling a Poseidon (blue) soon and an RB12 unopened set. keep an eye!
Also will be selling an Orca Diver Blue (one of the Bega Trainee bladers).
He hasn't been online for like so many months, haha