[Buying]  Looking for Australian Middleman, to buy item

Recently I got problem with purchasing item in eBay, this item;


He wrote he would 'ship' to worldwide, but he has not specified shipping options, and NO ONE in other country are able to buy.
Even I proceed to order, because of that, I cannot even 'PAY' for that item.

I AM Korean, and I really want that 'Korean made' one, so I am looking for Australian Member to be my middleman.
Already have Takara one.

Sure I will pay all cost, and I am ready to pay service fee. About $10 USD. Or other beyblade I have.
About shipping, cheaper one with tracking number will be fine.

Sorry if this thread has problem, and please let me know if it has.
I wouldn't mind helping you out here, just shoot me a private message.

Standard untracked shipping for international parcels is hella expensive in Australia, let alone tracked.
I finally obtained those things! thanks.