[Buying]  Gilgamesh Buying

(I like used beyblades for the most part as they're cheaper)
Post if you want to sell. I'll PM you.
NOTE: I'd prefer to buy in bulk, though individuals are okay.
Another Note: I am in correspondance with WBO member Mc Frown, if you have stuff both of us want, it's cool to PM one or both of us)

Grip Attacker (BB)
Wolborg 1 (Shaft/Core)
Wolborg 2 (Shaft/Core)
Burning Kerberous (Core/Shaft)
Wide Defense
Bearing Stinger (Hasbro) (BB)
Wide Survivor
Auto Change Balancer
Wing Attacker (AR)
Draciel V2 (Fin Tectors)
Dranzer S (Shaft/SG)
Tiger Defenser
SG Semi Flat
SG Metal Flat 2

Voltaic Ape (Defense Ring)
Ultimate Saizo/Polta/Spark Knight (AR)

Metal Fight:
Pegasis Wheel (used)
Burn (1st Mold)