[Buying]  Buying/Trading Wyvron W3 & Fafnir F3 (Wave 1)

So currently for my Hasbro Bey collection I have got just about everything I wanted from Waves 1-3 so 4 doesn't count, all I need is Legend Spryzen S3, Wyvron W3, and Fafnir F3. Legend Spryzen is easy to get I could get it for $20 on Amazon but Wyvron and Fafnir are difficult since they're from Wave 1 on Amazon and eBay they go for as low as about $50! 

So if you have Wyvron W3 or Wave 1 Fafnir F3:

If you want to trade for something like another Switchstrike, Single or Dual Pack let me know and I'll see if I can find it.

If you only want to sell it to me let me know and I'll Private Message you an offer. 

(I highly recommend trading though because I don't really have PayPal so it would be difficult to pay.)