[Buying]  Buying Stadium(s)

Just an old blader looking to get back into it again. I hope I can find a relatively cheap BB-10, or something like it that is genuine. I don't want any hasbro stadiums like I used to have. Although not the priority, I may take a Zero-G stadium, but will wait for a while when it comes to burst. I doubt anyone that's into Burst would wanna sell a stadium anyway, seeing as it's a new series. Also the sonokong square stadium would be okay if I can't find the BB-10. PM me if you have any offers Wink

I have a Takara Tomy White Wide Square Stadium if you are interested?
Bump! (just bought a BB-46, but still looking!)
(Mar. 13, 2016  7:06 PM)BahamdiaWyvang Wrote: Bump! (just bought a BB-46, but still looking!)

In that case i'll sell you it for a very good price; and I just sent you a PM!^-^
As for the BB-10, what's your budget?