[Buying]  Buying: Engine Gear Set & EGvsHMS Set! URGENT

Hey everyone!

I am after these two sets, i know its hard to get hold of but i really want it, maybe you can get it because you tend to have rare stuff like this. do not worry about price for now. I just want the item. If you can even just get the bey itself i'll be happy. But preferably want NIB

Beyblade A-103 Engine Gear Try Set  (view)

Beyblade EG vs HMS  [url=https://thumbnail.image.rakuten.co.jp/@0_mall/toybox/cabinet/toy/toy0107_1.jpg](view)[/url]

Please PM asap :D
Only way it's likely to come up is on YJA as always. Also hard to come by is an understatement.