[Buying]  Buying Classic Takara EZ Grip shooter (A-90)

It seems to be very hard to find. I'm trying to build launcher that Tyson used in G-Revolution as it's a pretty big part of my childhood. 'Was wondering if anyone here was selling it new or used? If you're selling, or know of any listings, please pm me -- it would mean a lot!  This is a picture of it. [Image: f7d60efa66fa9b1a994111d2335ca016.jpg]
I actually managed to find one already. Thanks anyway!
(Dec. 07, 2019  8:01 AM)mugi_taku Wrote: I have used one.

Do you still have it or have you sold it? 

I’m in the market for buying one, 

If you still own it can you send me a few pictures of the condition it’s in?