[Buying]  Brands

Hello guys, so I've been meaning to but some metal beys for a while now, and I want to get a good grasp before I'm sure. (So as I've been going at different threads elsewhere they dont seem to meet the query I want to see so I'll just make it here)

Sonokong vs. Takara Tomy!
Planning to buy a couple 4d system beys (and some metal fight), I want to know-
● Which of the two are better?
● How is the playability?
● How different are the beys?
● Is Sonokong just a carrier of Takara Tomy beys?
● How different is the quality of the beys?

Please reply asap and thank you very much!
They're basically the same. It's just packaged under a different name. The quality is for the most part exactly the same, but certain 4D beyblades could be bought directly with Sonokong as opposed to Takara Tomy (such as Jade Jupiter; you could buy the Sonokong version directly back in the day but now that's not the case. I might be wrong, so if I am please feel free to correct me.