[Buying]  [BUYING] HMS and Plastics

bump people come on I know you have them Eee

Also, I am NOT Trading.
HMS oh HMS, what would I do without you ?

this was a major pump
pump up the jam
Coach that is pretty funny, considering just a bb-10 from powerpig is $60
(Feb. 28, 2013  11:35 PM)Time Wrote: Coach that is pretty funny, considering just a bb-10 from powerpig is $60


That post was made almost a year ago.

Anyway, not sure if I've already told you this *Ginga* but I'm selling NIP Sea Dragon and NIP Purple Einstein MS for $30 each
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PBS Kids!!!

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I do very much say that this is a bump.
Instead of semi uselessly bumping your thread why don't you find some HMS and buy them. Not a hard concept man.
Lumpy bump!

I am only looking for CWD Defense Ring now!
evolution is an l drago fan that is why he has dragooon
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Dude just buy Sea Dragon from 3-Dog.

Now looking for Wide Defense (Weight Disk), Gaia Dragoon V, and Griffolyon! If you have all of these beyblades (NIB/NIP/MINT) and want to sell them, we can do a combined order!

and of course i am looking for hms haha
Ultra has a used Wide Defense and NIB Gaia Dragoon V.

Griffolyon- http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com/viewitem?...0006696833

Obvious it isn't combined with his stuff though. By the way, are you trying to make
AR: Cross Griffon
WD: Wide Defense
SG+BB: Neo Right MG Core + SG Metal Flat 2

Just curious.
Aha, don't shout out my combos to the world!

i have no idea how you know it is not like that is one of the best combos in plastics
Haha, it is quite good, and fairly easy to make.(tried it myself)
That was like my favorite combo when I had all my plastics, haha.

Anyways, I have a full Griffolyon and Gaia Dragoon V still, if you're looking for a US seller. Though, if you wanna buy from Ultra since he also has Wide Defense (which I sold long ago, sadly), I won't mind! Smile
Hey guys! Update, looking for the following:

- HMS beyblades that are rare lol

- Bistool