Burger King Beyblades

Ha theese things were so cool.
Does anyone remember these things?

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTqjQ3two25zq_a4scjl2z...StG_bQVy8=]
no because I only vaguely remember going to burger king once when I was two
Some of us actualy do.
hm i vaguely remember something like this when i was little like really young
i remember those, my friend gave me his burger king beyblades
if you do not remember these could you not post its for people who do.

Ahh, good times. I got the pink one, brought it to school, and got yelled at. Then it broke by getting crushed by a stampede of eight graders. These were the best!
They glow in the dark too I THINK mine is out in the garage in my old box of toys (it got buried out there when we moved) I had a Galux.
i remember those. think i got a dragoon...cant remember well enough. they were cheap and stupid, but hell, they were beyblades and I loved em all
I was so excited when I saw the commercial at least I think there was one. When I actually got the kids meal I was so disappointed at how it span lol I think it was the first time in my life where I felt ripped off.
got my dranzer one a long time ago, still have it though. only went once during that time and got lucky. dranzers my favorite from that era
(Sep. 22, 2010  1:53 AM)NateKilgore Wrote: if you do not remember these could you not post its for people who do.


What you asked is if anyone remembered them, there are two answers. One of which is no.

I remember these toys, but don't terribly care about them, the concept of imitation novelty toys from restaurants boggles my mind. Why not give out real beyblade parts instead.

I've never eaten at a burger king in my life.

Edit: I should note that had they given out real parts, I would have probably eaten there just for the toys.
Minion they didn't give out real parts because like most kids meal toys they are poorly made garbage
its like dedicating a whole thread for bannana skins its garbage when they were released and remenising about garbage only begets more garbage.
Ohhh I remember those things. I think I got one with an orange stand (absolutely no idea who the blader was)?

I think I left it in some shop by accident, though. So that was pretty disappointing. >_>
Ah, I remember these. Kind of. Really, I only remember the bag it came in and Tyson's over-enthusiastic face on a card with information below about BeyBlade. I'm assuming I got Dragoon, and I don't think I ever launched it because at that time I thought BeyBlade and Yu-Gi-Oh was stupid because I'd rather be watching a yellow rat shoot lighting at a hot air-balloon shaped like a cat. Man, where's the time gone?
i remember those.
i still have the blue driger i got from there
wait, beyblades from a fast food restaurant? man i wish i lived in America. although i don't like the burgers from hungry jacks witch is related to burger king in brand so i wouldn't have ate there anyway.
memorys i remember when i got a saizo it was a pleasure brought it to school then it broke because my pals threw it across the school
Lol, I remember these I still have mine. Joyful_3 Good times and yeah they were just junk. :p
wow never heard of those. wicked happy just got the new new ldrago today it spins hard.they must have been junk
They were! Real beys are way better.
(Sep. 25, 2010  1:12 AM)den135 Wrote: wow never heard of those. wicked happy just got the new new ldrago today it spins hard.they must have been junk

What does the bolded have ANYTHING to do with burger king beyblades?
I still have a blue one somewhere...I think I got most of them. One of the perks of having younger siblings is...you could usually get three of anything you wanted lol
this is wut started beyblade for me :c playing with these on a table...battling my cousin... launching it into my bed...