[Burbank,California,United States] Clash of the Stars Tournament

A tournament being held in Burbank!! Tournament will be held one battle at a time. There will be two stadiums, the Vortex stadium, and Pegasus Thunder Whip. The stadium will be decided by flip of coin! Any combination is legal, except L-Drago.

It will be held outside of 821 N. Orchard Dr. If you are able to come please confirm by calling: 1-323-377-2925. Please confirm before the date of the tournament.

Current Contestants:

Niles Schwarz/TheBlackPhoenix: Flame Pegasus105FS

Matthew Ramoy: Storm Pegasus 100RF
Benjamin Soria: Rock Bull C145F
Lorenzo Sanchez: Dark Aries DF145WB
Justin Romprey: N/A
If you want to advertise a tournament, it will probably have to be approved ... Most of what you wrote is against our rules : Hasbro's Beystadiums are terrible, no serious player would use them for a tournament, you have no reason at all to ban L Drago, and good competitors will not use only combination for the whole tournament.

I would strongly advise you to read the rulebooks and the Event Guide.
ok...sorry bout that.

I only wanted to get myself out there... If possible can this be moved to something a little more general as a small time tournament? Thank you.
Well, I think you can agree that if you use this site to advertise your tournament without getting it approved or even applying our rules, it is parasitism, no ?
dammmmnnnn burbank i better watch myself lol anyway we might have one in orange soooo go to the post maybe we can try to combine one
If you manage to get a Takara Stadium and have another tournament in Burbank I might be able to join. I live in the Burbank area.
i have one standard stadium takara tomy made, i live about 1 hour from burbank
Nice, 1 thing though. I only have Metal Fusion beys, is that ok?