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Full Version: [Burbank,California,United States] Clash of the Stars Tournament
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A tournament being held in Burbank!! Tournament will be held one battle at a time. There will be two stadiums, the Vortex stadium, and Pegasus Thunder Whip. The stadium will be decided by flip of coin! Any combination is legal, except L-Drago.

It will be held outside of 821 N. Orchard Dr. If you are able to come please confirm by calling: 1-323-377-2925. Please confirm before the date of the tournament.

Current Contestants:

Niles Schwarz/TheBlackPhoenix: Flame Pegasus105FS

Matthew Ramoy: Storm Pegasus 100RF
Benjamin Soria: Rock Bull C145F
Lorenzo Sanchez: Dark Aries DF145WB
Justin Romprey: N/A
If you want to advertise a tournament, it will probably have to be approved ... Most of what you wrote is against our rules : Hasbro's Beystadiums are terrible, no serious player would use them for a tournament, you have no reason at all to ban L Drago, and good competitors will not use only combination for the whole tournament.

I would strongly advise you to read the rulebooks and the Event Guide.
ok...sorry bout that.

I only wanted to get myself out there... If possible can this be moved to something a little more general as a small time tournament? Thank you.
Well, I think you can agree that if you use this site to advertise your tournament without getting it approved or even applying our rules, it is parasitism, no ?
dammmmnnnn burbank i better watch myself lol anyway we might have one in orange soooo go to the post maybe we can try to combine one
alright, ill check it out!
If you manage to get a Takara Stadium and have another tournament in Burbank I might be able to join. I live in the Burbank area.
i have one standard stadium takara tomy made, i live about 1 hour from burbank
Nice, 1 thing though. I only have Metal Fusion beys, is that ok?