Bladers Beware! The Hasbro Combo That Rules Them All! (Balkesh and you)

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Picture this, let us say that you have a high tier Judgement Joker combo and this combo enable you to win two or more in a single tournament.
Thinking you have all the luck in the world, you come face to face with an opponent who is using a Balkesh B3, the Hasbro brand. 
You think nothing of it and proceeded to use your Judgement Joker combo, only to lose by someone's Balkesh combo.
And you might be wondering "how can I lose to a Hasbro Beyblade?, I thought Takara Tomy was better than Hasbro?"
Well sit down and let me explained how Belkesh works.


Balkesh B3/Ark Balkesh B3 Stats

Defense Type

Attack: 1 ( [] )

Burst: 2 ( [] [] )

Defense: 13 ( [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] )

Weight: 7 ( [] [] [] [] [] [] [] )

Agility: 0

Stamina: 2 ( [] [] )

The Balkesh B3-also known as B-98 Arc Bahamut-is a Hasbro Beyblade that has the highest defense of 13.
Being a defense type, it is the only Beyblade in question that is able to defeat certain Takara Tomy beys when being used in a tournament.

Beside its weak stamina and burst stats, the Balkesh B3 is the only Beyblade that doesn't have a ten number defense rating.



The picture that you see above is a Balkesh combo that was used by one of the WBO hosts. 
To create this combo, you will need:

-A Balkesh top layer
You can get he Balkesh B3 top layer from amazon or target, usually, it's only eighteen bucks on amazon but you get it for cheaper at other retail chains.  For the most part, you can only this top layer from Beyblade Burst Evolution SwitchStrike Starter Pack series, and that is a mouthful.

-A Takara Tomy bearing (mainly the 00 one that is shown in the picture above)
Where to find this bearing is beyond me, for the most part, you can use any bearings from Takara Tomy or Hasbro.
As long as it's heavy, you can make a very decent Balkesh combo

-The energy layer that is shown in the picture above
I don't remember the name of that layer, my best guess is Hasbro and not Takara Tomy

-A #E1042 V-2976B Hasbro driver
You can get this driver from the Caynox C3 starter pack from Hasbro. The starter pack will only cost you seventeen bucks per pack.



Beyblade Burst Evolution SwitchStrike Starter Pack Caynox C3
16.99/17.00 Plus Taxes

Beyblade Burst Evolution SwitchStrike Starter Pack Balkesh B3
18.68 Plus Taxes

Total Cost: 35.68

As for the energy layer and the bearing, you might have to check online at any other site besides Amazon/
Keep in mind that price may vary between site to site and retail to retail, some will offer a cheaper deal while some are overpriced for no reason.


Depending on your opponent's combo choices, you may or may not win a couple of matches with this Hasbro combo.
Most of it depends on how strong the other person's bey is.
Sometimes this combo will work against Takara Tomy Beys, at the same time it's never too late to practice against another stronger bey than Balkesh.


Final Thoughts?:

I lost two matches by someone who was using a Balkesh combo of some sort, most of the time I was using a custom Judgement Joker combo that had a Dash driver, Vemon Diabolos GaTinko Layer, and a 00TR Bearing along with it.
My only best bet is some Hasbro beys are better than Takara Tomy beys all together, might seem crazy but you wouldn't believe the amount of match I lost to a Balkesh combo.



-Which Beyblade combo is superior of destroying a Balkesh combo all together?

-Would the combo work the same if it was a B-98 ARC Bahamut? (The Takara Tomy Version?)

-How many matches did you lose by someone who was using a Balkesh combo?

-Did you use a Balkesh combo at a tournament and won because of it?

What are your thoughts?
There have been plenty of threads about Balkesh already. Its effects on Hasbro bearing with good stamina discs are well known. This entire thread is redundant and duplicates several other threads (but with less information), Balkesh's power has been discussed ad nauseum, and what you wrote has several errors (your images don't work, you call core discs "bearing", and there are a couple of other errors). I don't think you're quite ready to write an effective guide to Balkesh B3.

Balkesh can be beaten by Hell Salamander, Perfect Phoenix with the right parts, Judgement, Zwei, Crush Ragnaruk, ChoA, and countless other layers.
Arc Bahamut's teeth are weak, so the Hasbro version with good slopes is superior.

Also: Stats provided by TT and Hasbro are entirely meaningless. They don't capture nuances like combinations with specific parts, life after death, or other factors that make a difference in tournaments.

I understand that you were just trying to be helpful and informative, but this post ranges the gamut between redundant and wrong. I'm sorry. Please read existing threads and learn more about the beys and parts yourself, before trying to post guides like this.
Ark Balkesh does NOT have 13 Defense every beys max Defense is 10 - 11 or maybe 12 is the highest.