Bizzare Combo

I always wanted to toy around more with the Draciel F and Dragoon tips thing, so I tried something today and it works fairly well against Galman (I know not much of a test blade)

AR: Draciel G
WD: 10 Wide
SG: Neo Right (south core)
BB: Draciel F (with Dragoon V tip)

It's got enough power to smash things out or deflect blades that seem to collide with it. (This is in a crappy little stadium I got in a big pack for 50 cents so it's obviously a fake).

Please give your thoughts on this mash up of second rate parts.
In other stadiums, this wouldn't really do so good. Generally speaking though, you could upgrade this with Dragoon V2's tip since it has better attack than Dragoon V's. The AR should be switched at least since there's better smash attack ARs out there. I'd rather stick with a different AR and BB in this case.

Well. I don't really know your parts, but switching the tip to Dragoon V2 would be good, and for a smash AR.
Maybe Draciel V2 would do well.
Well, honestly, Trygles AR is better.
Theres far better choices, i don't think this would do good at all in battle against better beyblades even with its bulk size.
If I had Dragoon V2 I'd be using that tip instead, but this isn't total carp.

I just tried it out against some pretty top customs.

AR: Kid Dragoon
WD: 10 Heavy
SG: Burning Kerberous
BB: Burning Kerberous

Beat that quite easily.

AR: Driger G
WD: 10 Heavy
SG: Neo right (North Core)
BB: Driger S

This one it depends if I launch it first it loses if I launch it second it wins (this is consistent I did 3 rounds of each and it was basically my Draciel attacker beating it when launched second and this combo beating the Draciel when launched second).
This is a really bad combo. Lips_sealed I wouldn't bother working on it. I'll try it out when I get home.
Actually, I was always wondering about the legal status of this. Putting other SG into Draciel F BB is one thing, but putting the tips from Dragoon V or V2? Not that it's REALLY useful, but.