Bit Chips


The bit chip is a decorative plate that sits atop the attack ring on plastic gen beyblades. These represented mythical beasts or animals. Two bit chips came with a beyblade, one with the symbol of the beyblade and one with either a aditional symbol or a bird.

==Metal Bit Chips==
Takara and Hasbro both produced bit chips made of metal. These gave a significant boost to performance and were widely used in both [[Compact]] and [[Defence]] combinations.

===Hasbro Metal Bit Chips===
The Hasbro version of the metal bit chip had a significant difference from the Takara mold. It had a small protrusion in the middle that was made of plastic, though this did not offer any advantages or disadvantages it was made to hold a 'Power Spirit', and it came in packs of four with said power spirit.

===Takara Metal Bit Chip===
This mold was made completely out of metal and so had a huge advantage over normal bit chips. However this part is extremely rare and commands an immense price on the secondary market, making it even more valuable.

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Bit chips were nice to look at, and allowed a small more amount of customizing, although they can be crucial in matches, the metal bit chips are so rare that they are not taken into account when customizing.
I never knew Hasbro made one.

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Technically they weren't the same thing right? The Hasbro and Takara chips. I'm sure of where the Takara one came from, but the Hasbro one wasn't fully metal correct? Also, maybe add weight measurements?
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Hasbro only released Metal Bit Chips with the Bit Beast figures, and they weren't usable while shooting the Beyblade, so this is pretty misleading.
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Talk to Anubis about weight of bit chips. He has all three: regular bit, bit with protector, and metal. He also has this nifty scale for exact measurements. Grin

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Perhaps he could leave it in and just say it's not usable just as bit of trivia? :o
OH, yea the plastic tip made it useless unless you had a HMC.
(Mar. 29, 2009  9:42 PM)shikamaru526 Wrote: OH, yea the plastic tip made it useless unless you had a HMC.

I can't imagine this is legal either way.