Beyhunting in Taipei, Taiwan

Hey guys, I recently went to Taipei for a short holiday this week. I spent some time hunting for beys, and I think some of you might appreciate a short guide to finding Beys in Taipei.

I visited from 28 Apr 2019 - 3 May 2019, so these details may be outdated by the time some people read this in future.

Taipei City Mall
Connected to Taipei Main Station, it can be accessed directly from the airport train and other stations. The shops here are all hobby shops, selling assorted anime hobby toys and also video games. You are likely to find exclusive and older releases here. However, they are all at a marked-up price, especially the exclusives and older releases.

Note that their hobby shops are only around areas Y18 onwards. Y1-Y17 are mostly filled with shops that sell clothes, souvenirs, and food.

Departmental Stores (SOGO, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Eslite)
These huge departmental stores usually have the latest products, provided they’re not already sold out. There are multiple outlets for each of them, so just use Google Maps and locate the nearest one to you. 

They also store their RB15s behind their counter to prevent people from cheating and opening them. When buying a big batch (8, 16, or 24), try to get them to let you choose from a fresh carton instead of an already-opened one. An opened carton may have had its prize beys already taken if someone got lucky before you.

Most of them had stock for not-so-recent releases like sX, nL, Sr, wV, zA, eF, bL, aH, ChoZ Triple Set, and ChoV.

The departmental stores all follow the recommended MSRP, so don’t bother comparing between them for the cheapest outlet.

(City’Super SOGO Zhongxiao Store, near Zhongxiao Fuxing Station)
It had lots of stock for Wizard Fafnir and Random Booster 15. They enforce a limit of 2 Wizard Fafnirs and 8 RB15s per person. I got lucky here as they only got their stock on day 2 (Sunday) and I got there on Monday. I maxed out my quota by buying 16 RB15s. 

P.s there is another SOGO (Fuxing) directly opposite the MRT station. I can't remember which is the one that doesn't have the Toys department, so it may be the other one.

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi
(Taipei Station Store, near Taipei Main Station)
When I got here, they only had Wizard Fafnir stock while all the RB15s were already wiped out. They got their stock on day 1 (Saturday) while I only got there on Sunday. They enforce a limit 2 RB15s per person, but as they were sold out, I didn’t get any from it.

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi
(Xinyi Place A8, near Taipei City Hall)
Had stock for both Wizard Fafnir and Random Booster 15. But as I had already maxed my luggage space, I didn’t get any. Note that the toys department is at building A8 - this outlet has multiple buildings.

(Xinyi Store, near Taipei City Hall)
They did not have any of the latest releases, but I managed to snag one Xt+ launcher set and six Dead Phoenix boosters (I haven’t seen any of these in any other stores). I would have also gotten the last one, but that would’ve meant I might’ve starved for dinner.

Gachapon Machines
Keep an eye out for Random Layer gachas as there were quite a few. The latest ones (Vol11) can usually be found in the above Departmental Stores that stock Beyblades. Some of the older ones (Vol 8, 9, 10) can be found at Taipei City Mall. They cost 120TWD for the latest ones, and 100TWD for the older ones.