Beydays 2013: ATTACK ON BEYBLADE! Melbourne, Victoria Australia (26/5/2013)

serriously every tournament i try ends up having 3 people and me just mucking around a bit then leaving (excluding my first). i want to host a succesful official tournament. as such, IF YOU SAY YOU ARE GOING, YOU MUST GO!!! i will hunt you down and kill you if you don't. jk jk, im not going to do that. anyway enough of this rant, time to get to buissness.

OOOOOOKKKKKKK!!!!!!! its just been anouced that beydays 2013 will be on the 25th and 26th. as such, im attempting to host this years Melbourne tournament. here are the details.

venue: Queen Victoria gardens OR a new location (undecided, comment below on sugestions)


cost: FREE!

date: 26/5/2013

time: 12.00pm sighn up, 1:00pm sharp starting time

Format: as much as i want zero-g, we need to get back into gear before that, so standard format it is.

As of now, no prizes. i need a job to do that.


Attendants (will not accept maybes):

come and enjoy beyblading, even if its the last time ever, because we have beyspirits that need to be satified, let them be satisfied. if you dont want to be competative, fine. just come and have fun. try those rediculus combos you never use! launch your beybalade Tyson style! ramble about how bad the anime is and how Australia is left out! come and play the game that led you to this site and have a burning passion for all things spinning.

Lets Go Shoot! Lets Let it Rip!

ps: need stadiums, chances are if i buy the $20 stadiums from the special offer, it wont come in time, thus leaving me to the balence stadium i have. thus if you have a takakra tomy attack stadium, BRING IT! can't have fun if we don't have a stadium to play in.
wow, no one, absolutly no one. heloooooooooooooooooo, anyone left? damn, this might be the end of competative aussie blading. i hope not.
I defently don't think it's the end of Australia's competitive blading.. Well to be honest I think people are just waiting around for Omega to host ... No disrespect to you in any way but since he's the most well known host in Melbourne. Plus he's got other ways to contact people/ the regulars who normally attend. Just to let you know I was busy on the day of this tournament so... Yeah would have loved to go.
No disrespect but I don't really believe that. In the UK if someone other than Blitz (who's the main hoster) does a tournament then people still go to it. I think people not going to this just signifies that a lot of people in Australia have lost interest. If people really want to play the tournament host shouldn't matter that much.
Maybe the tournament's name scared the people away?
Jokes apart, I think people might be on vacations.
I understand what your saying ultra... But He's track record of hosting tournaments isn't great which might be a factor contributing to people not attending... It's kind of hard as well since he's previous haven't work out people would pretty much assume its going to be a bust.. Btw giraton did you try to contact people by phone or email? Or Somthing else just curios ?
This is umm no.. It hasn't even been approved.
(May. 30, 2013  10:28 PM)Cryptic Wrote: This is umm no.. It hasn't even been approved.

Eh, I would obviously do my best to approve it, but before an Event Proposal can even be submitted, there has to be enough people confirmed to attend.
hmm true, only one tournament in Melbourne without omega officialy being the host, and even then he helped the majority. the main problem for me is contacts. Email is hard to find on some accounts and i only have 3 phone numbers of the regulars. facebook is an option but again, i only have 2 regulars and 3 people who used to go.

on the point of previous tournaments, though my first one was a smashing success, it was unofficial. my more recent tries always failed due to lack of players. also, on the name, it was a pun on a name of a recent anime called attack on titan. i was lacking ideas. i don't blame anyone not coming or replying, it was only a weeks notice.

From what you said I thought you meant his hosting wasn't up to scratch or something (no offence to you giraton), whereas it seems the only reason his track record is bad is because people who signed up for his tourneys haven't bothered to show up. On that basis saying that people don't show up based on his bad track record when it wasn't even remotely his fault is kinda ridiculous.
Sorry about this my bro, I hadn't been on the forums. Would have loved to go. I've spoken to Omega and he says he is most likely making a comeback season to the Melbourne scene after this school term Grin Your efforts will not be in vain Giraton! MELBOURNE BEYBLADE IS NOT DEAD!

Ultra: Omega has a knack for advertising and getting people riled up for tournaments, he always pulls through somehow.
cool, so is is still here. thanks for the update. finnaly, my Ultra L-drago will have a true battle!
I'm a newbie here!Please PM me(if you can) when you have any tournaments in Melbourne.Really appreciate that!Thanks Wink