Beyblade parts and general metagame discussion.

It is saddening to know that Takara's already flimsy Defence and Stamina metagame is not looking to be getting any better , even with the addition of RS. Takara is serious in need of adding more than the existing amount of decent Defence and Stamina parts.

Due to the lack of decent Defence parts pretty much anything with RF/R2F/CS can knock it out and due to the lack of ORIGINAL decent stamina parts stamina types only just beat Defence types. We are in desperate need of new original parts instead of For example Mc Frowns metagame timeline.

If Takara is able to make so many good and ORIGINAL plastic parts why can't they make more original and useful MFB parts.
I need your opinion on this already large beyblading problem
... To me this thread just reiterates what Mc Frown wrote in his topic. What do you want to discuss : the fact that TAKARA-TOMY needs to release new parts, like we all know ?
No let me rephrase what I've said I would like some suggestion of actually capable parts.
OK ... Could that not also be done in Mc Frown's topic ?
This thread really isn't needed. McFrown's thread covers it. You should have just added your comments in that thread. I must say though, your statement one RS isn't really true. RS helps defense in an amazing way and it's far from disappointing. There are so many tests to prove this so there really isnt a reason to say that. The reason the defense metagame is failing IMHO is because of the lack of great defense wheels. Sure we have earth and infinity but even then, that's not enough. Libra would be good but of course because of constant complaining it was banned. Another thing I must mention is that we have a lack of tracks that defend well against lower attackers. We have GB145 and C145. Other than that, that's really all we have at the moment. We can't do buy so much with limited options so for the most part I would say defense is doing fine for the limited options it has. RS does what it can and that's all we can ask. As for stamina, it's naturally weaker than attackers. We all know this and have since the plastic generation. Until we have heavier parts with great stamina, it's not going to change. Put it like this, each type was designed to beat another. Attack>Stamina>Defense. To expect any different or to say one type that is naturally weaker against a type that dominates is almost pointless to complain about.