Beyblade on the 4 corners of the earth! (even tho it's round)

So, I am just a new member on the WBO community, but I'v researched a lot of beyblade contents on many languages and pages, and It really took me a lot of time to fnd out that there was and actual WBO. Well, about myself, the first time I ever played beyblade I was 8, and the first bey I ever had was a Dragoon, ca'nt recall the model since I was just 8, and I was just a kid , so I did'nt had the money to buy a lots of beys, I was totaly dependent on my parents to get more, or to even see what was going on with beyblading around the world, since I did'nt had internet too, and did'nt even knew how to speak english.

   You must be wondering what this has to do with the title. Well, just like when I was a small kid, there are children and teenagers now that dont know how to speak english, and dont have any sort of content to introduce them to the beyblade world. I want to promovate the creation of beyblade content, videos, text, discussions, art, everything in lots of different languages so people all around the world will have the chance to know beyblading. I started my efforts with my brazilian youtube page (yeah, I am brazilian), which you can check on this link -->  . Back to myself, I am an adult now, and I am able to buy some beyblades for myself, I got back to beyblading on the metal saga, on shogun steel season to be more precise, and now I am as active as I can on the brazilian and international beyblade comunities. 

   I dont know if I can, but I will leave some links here so anyone that wants to talk with me about how this project will work (the beyblade on the 4 corners of the earth), will be able to contact me:
   I really dont use it very often but here it is my twitter:

 Thik that'a all I have to say about myself, love you guys,

  And dont ever forget, if you are part of this comunitty you are awesome!