Beyblade experiments to try at home

(Oct. 21, 2021  5:29 PM)GreaterLonginus Wrote:
(Oct. 21, 2021  11:00 AM)(Blank) Wrote: Tbh Curse is better on left spin, just flip 'em and put it on Longinus. Curse Longinus Sting/ Blitz Drift/Destroy' 1D (only single chassis work) is a good combo. Rage on right spin isn't as good as left, because it doesn't have upper attack only lower attack.

I'm going to go to tournaments with my Curse Longinus Sting Drift 1D against right and Curse Longinus Blitz Destroy' 1D against left
Even if flipping layers is allowed you’re not allowed to change  your combos after seeing your opponent’s. Also Curse is horrible. Bad stamina. And why 1D? Sure it has better teeth but has horrible stamina. You’re better off using 3A. Also Superking combos are mostly outclassed. And Destroy’ can’t be used in the Standard meta. And Wheel is better than Blitz or Sting. 
So a better and legal version is Vanish Bahamut Over Bearing -0. 
Even if you wanted flipped super king layers then
Tempest Helios (MCC) Xtend+ 2A would be better
Well, my purpose was to make Curse good actually. It's better on left actually, maybe because the rollers don't make contact as much. I only have 1D and only single chassis work. Yes, only some combos work like Rage Helios2 Xtreme' 3A /World Spriggan Drift 2B/ and Tempest Solomon (MCC) 1S Wheel Xtend+. I just realized Tempest will become meta again because of High Xtend'+ since it's original issue was it's burst resistance, I'm hyped to see my boi meta again. Destroy still can since it's a burst attack driver. Thank you for the combos, I'll remember them in a year from now when db beys release in my country.