Beyblade Random Thoughts

(Apr. 25, 2009  6:04 PM)Driger Wrote: I was doing Driger F V Storm Pegasis then my bro launched Driger MS Combo (The one i put on youtube.) and it slanted and landed directly on storm pegasis then flipped him over then Driger MS hit the RF and Storm Pegasis landed on its side after flipping about 3 times.

talk about a one in a million shot
Wow, that sucks. Still, I'm not sure if I'll have a Storm Pegasis in time for Spinoff're not alone. Pinching_eyes_2
I have seriously just spent half and hour spinning beyblades on my hands. It's so much fun Joyful_2

Bouncing them from one hand to the other etc.

Good fun, good fun.
Wow I need some MFB's. I only have 4...
(Apr. 25, 2009  6:55 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: talk about a one in a million shot

He can't launch properly and he was sitting right next to me.
I spent about half an hour today trying to build an effective pocket pusher, needless to say my efforts were for not :\ i'll try again tomorow when I have more time.
Gawd, that sux Driger. ='(
Pocket pusher???
A pocket pusher was used for hasbro stadiums. Basicly you use a large AR in my case it was trypio's and the goal is to make to the opposing blade enter the stadium pockets to win.
Ahh, wasn't something like
AR: Trypio
WD: Wide Defense
BB: Cyber Dragoon
How long is it before the tourny? If you can't get one I'm sure someone will let you borrow theres Joyful_3
When I get a storm pegasis ill be too terrified to play with it...

They look just awesome when theyre brand new.
it wont look ugly if you use it a few times.
Gah, I'm really in a battaling beyblade mood, If only I had this mood when I was at the tournament xD.
lol oh so you werent psyched up at the tournament is that it lol if you want you can come to mine and beyblade.
I finally figured out how to use the Beylauncher. its pretty powerful, somewhat near my usual strength. But I still get terrible accuracy rates now. Especially for banking. Also I still think the normal launchers have more potential though.
Does the string feel like it could snap on you whilst you launch? I have always thought about this but never got to ask it.
hmm, The string itself is thick, strongly woven. the only thing I worried about is the portion where the string is connected... as I can't see what's inside, I don't know until it snapped Tongue_out

and oh, it hurts my hand a lot >_> one should use a glove, because when the string returns back, it whipped my left thumb real good :s my fingers also hurt a bit when releasing the string.
so which launcher would you rather use?
depends I guess. for attack blades I prefer normal ones than this, I can't imagine how to do sliding shoot with Beylaunchers. I might use them for balance / defense blades though. also, they are pretty compact without any ripcord Grin
I have the same problem with string shooters, I find it difficult to do banking and the sliding shoot also. I think the length of string and how loose it feels stops me from doing the sliding shoot.
(Apr. 26, 2009  10:44 AM)Werkbau Wrote: and oh, it hurts my hand a lot >_> one should use a glove, because when the string returns back, it whipped my left thumb real good :s my fingers also hurt a bit when releasing the string.

Then don't let go...?
If I don't let it go, the spin power will be reduced drastically. That's the part of the secret for having a decent power Tongue_out.

Normally when you shoot using a normal shooter, a small peg will stop the rotation immediately, resulting in Beyblade falling down from the launcher. But when using the beylauncher, there is no such peg, so in order create the 'stopping force' I need to create force that will make the launcher spin backwards. Same as the peg effect.

I just hold them at the sides, rather than gripping them. So when I pull the string hard and it stops, my fingers automatically let it go. Smile
yeah the best way to reduce the smacking is to use a grip. There is nothing else to reduce it

Banking is pretty easy to do, just make sure it is parallel to the slopes of the stadium and pull.