Beyblade Random Thoughts

Wow if thats anywhere even close to being true, then thats one heck of a random booster. Recolors would be pretty sweet too.
They were already on a very good track with the latest Random Booster containing a lot of good parts, so it would not be too surprising.
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRpaBWEgG3AvZTq8HV1JjW...8SztAVRsTQ]
If that is true then I'm going to buy a few for sure! I need some good attack types now. My friend bought LLD, now I don't use mine even though I have the Beylauncher L. I told him I wouldn't use mine if he bought one. *SIGH* He sucks.
I think you should buy MLD, then destroy your friend with that. (Unless you already have MLD)
His brother has Meteo Crying

At my school we only use plastics now. They're a lot more interesting. We don't like to use MFB in the arena. We use the Iron Defense. It is horrible!
Same with me, but by myself. I don't like battling with MFBs. I just like battling with random plastics when I'm bored!
At school I use MFBs because nobody else has plastics. About a week ago, we had to make a myth in class. Naturally, I had the hero battle the Greek gods in a beyblade battle.
If I ever returned to Battling, I guarantee my Legends will never go into battle at all.
Those rumors about BB-109 better not be true ... I've already spent too much on all those beys and now they're gonna release them as a random booster? =_="
What else is there? 85, GB145, 230, and AD145 tracks? R2F, LRF, CS, and RS?
It makes sense to release major wheels at the end of a season in a Random Booster. Look at Galaxy, any other Beyblades than Pegasus had that before Vol.7? Even if the speculation became far-out there with hell, its a very subtle possibility.
Hope the BB-109 rumors are true. Would be able to get my hands on versions of painted wheels that I'd be able to use! lol
I was playing beyblade with my little brother today, and 3 ripcords ended up breaking. Now my beys are gonna have to sit and collect dust until I can get $10.00. lol
(Feb. 27, 2011  6:57 PM)MEECH Wrote: is mad cancer a real bey or can you only get dark cancer?

sorry ment to post on question and answer thread

yes, there is a bey called mad cancer, which can only be bought through i random booster, i think..

although it comes with a light wheel, which is a plastic metal wheel, which is equivalent to dark, so it only ever been realesed by TT, not Hasbro
Didn't you see what he said? Plus that was like a week ago.
Sexy RBV7 If it is what they say.

My LR Launcher broke, and It Broke Trust me BEEYOOOND Repair.
Unhappy Now I Will have to get another one because I cant live without my LR Launcher. Unhappy.

I might wait a Bit incase they Bring Gravity Perseus out in a Recolour like they are doing with a few beys ATM.
Also That is just a Thought I have absolutely no Information about that whatsoever.
I hope that the BB-109 rumors are true... Vulcan in a RB!
Gonna save some money!
Is it just me or is manta diver really hard to get in white? I don't think i've ever seen anyone sell one or have one in their collection. Yet i've seen a few orca divers and crab divers in the original colours.
What the hell is Manta Driver is it a beyblade or did you post this in the wrong place
(Mar. 04, 2011  5:11 PM)Aquilaz112 Wrote: What the hell is Manta Driver is it a beyblade or did you post this in the wrong place

Yes, it is obviously a Beyblade ...
(Mar. 04, 2011  5:11 PM)Aquilaz112 Wrote: What the hell is Manta Driver is it a beyblade or did you post this in the wrong place

Please don't reply to a post to ask what i'm talking about if you don't know. Its pretty much spam. It's a hard to find plastic beyblade.
Could you show me a pic of the bey then.
hey bey brad you got that right the prices do seemed to increase.
(Mar. 04, 2011  5:30 PM)Aquilaz112 Wrote: Could you show me a pic of the bey then.

Could you learn how to use Google then.
Perfected Beylauncher Sliding Shoot. I was trying to do it like A Light Launcher but It didnt work fo rme I tried another way and Straight away got 30 In a Row.
Back to BB-109, RBV7. Man, I just hope it comes with the Herculeo CW. As much as it looks great in it's original colour, and I desperately want it, imagine it completely transparent or something...

But yeah, gravity would be interesting, though I dunno, I'd be a bit surprised, seeing as it's limited to Perseus. Itd be cool if they released the Perseus ATK wheel in it, it really kicks gravity up a couple notches. Also, a colour other than mint green would be nice. I'm tired of my Gravity Perseus looking like an after dinner mint wrapper.

Is it just me, or are right-spin attack wheels pretty much useless now? I suppose hell is still useful, but generally, left spin works better.

Also, a new height change track? Maybe, just maybe, it's a a CH120 that can stay in 145 mode when you want it to? Tongue_out