Beyblade Metal Masters Product Code Sharing Thread

The new Beyblade Metal Masters NDS game has been released (Metal Fight Beyblade : Choujou Kessen Big Bang Bladers!) and to unlock new parts there is 'Product Codes' The can be found underneath of Metal Masters Packaging or on the flap of a Beybladebattles code (the bit that covers the code itself)
On the Beybladebattles code it is bolded in black but im not totally sure what work and what dont work.
So If you found them it should look like this : 31945 19495 (Ray Striker)

So if you have bought Metal Masters Beys (inc Hades , Twisted etc) post the Product Code so we all can have them!

This seems like a good idea, but whether the Mods will like it is another question.

Earth Virgo: 25966 19495

Its not the code itself Dulux..its the bolded numbers on the flap if card u pull down to see the card
Ra Striker says 01113194598319495ASSt
The bolded being what im on about
Whoops, I misread the OP, sorry I think i know what your talking about now lol but what do you use it for anyway? I probably sound like a noob but I don't pay much attention to anything in a Hasbro starter beyblade rather than the Beyblade itself lol
Use the topic for that video game.