Beyblade Metal Fight Grips-What's your custom?

Poll: Which Grip Do You Use?

The Beyblade Metal Fight
The 3 Segment (Explosion)
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i use my custom half silver, half blue hasbro launcher grip with a Light launcher 2

i reallyreallyreallyreally like the LL2
Beylauncher, Launcher Grip, Rubber Grip, Angle Compass, Karabiner Grip, Beylauncher Suspension
These are my grips they vary each battle
I use white 3 segment with led and angle compas attached, but i prefer my carabiner grip with light launcher (maybe because light launcher gave me more strong feeling when i pull it harder and more convenience to carry)
Black 3-Segment, Beypoint Card, Metal Assist, Grip Support (2 batteries loaded), Black Grip Rubber, Beylauncher

Simple, and does the job. Sometimes I attach LED-Sight to annoy my kids when playing at home.
(Mar. 31, 2011  7:38 AM)Delta Blader Wrote: Beylauncher, 3 Segment Launcher Grip, LED Sight, Angle compass, Grip Rubber, Metal Assist, Grip Support, Launcher rubber.
The goal of this "fully armed" launcher is to intimidate the opponent...
Do you have a picture?
i use a Hasbro included light launcher and a white dragon ripcord (from plastic gen) the reason is, as others have said, without the addition weight the launch is more precise rather than more powerful. i am about to order a bey with a ll2, or Perseus for the bey launcher lr, so ill finally get the feel for the string launching. i will most likely buy a Hasbro grip has my hands are starting to ache from gripping the tiny launcher. i guess another reason for using the basic launcher is because after blading since plastic gen, i've always wanted to spend my money on a new bey, rather than accessories.
I use a hasbro LL, (Right or Left depending on beyblade), a normal hasbro launcher grip, as well as launcher rubber, and once I find my beypointer, i'll put it on for show.
Navy 3-Segment Launcher Grip with a Beypoint Card, a white Rubber Grip, a Metal Assist, an LED Sight, an Angle Compass and a L/R launcher with a black Launcher Rubber/BeyLauncher Suspension. I'm getting a Grip Support soon.
I use the Beypoint Card for design, the Rubber Grip, the Metal Assist, the L/R Launcher and the Launcher Rubber/BeyLauncher Suspension for power and the LED sight and the Angle Compass for aiming.
black launcher grip
tt light launcher 2 (for kicks)
black beypointer
random grip rubber i made from toy care tyres ( there black)
Ahh, No longer beast Unhappy However, it has been made up:

3 Seg, Beypoint Card, Black Grip Rubber, Grip Extension, Beylauncher (Left or Right)

Beypoint card for show, and sometimes usage. Grip Rubber for grip (how interesting) Grip Extension because I have huge hands, Beylauncher is self explanatory.

Planning to get a metal assist soon. And find my L/R Beylauncher.
BANG! New grip.

3seglaunchergrip. + Grip Support + Metal Assist + Angle Compass (For CS's it helps aaaaa Biiit...:V) + Beypoint Card + Customized Right Launcher.
Launcher grip w/ rubber (Hasbro set), Beylauncher L II/Beylauncher V2 Red. Clean and simple XD. But I'm getting a 3 segment launcher grip w/ Beypoint card, so I might use that.
I just use 3-Seg Launcher Grip with Beylauncher L/R and another one with Beylauncher L. I don't really need anything else.
Karabiner grip and string launcher for stamina and defense launches, and 3-seg, rubber and Beylauncher LR for attack types, purely because it's easier to sliding shoot with.
Blue Launcher Grip with either a Orange BeyLauncher, or Clear Blue Ripcord Launcher.

Soon... a beypointer.
(Apr. 21, 2011  3:17 AM)BeyBladestation Wrote: Blue Launcher Grip with either a Orange BeyLauncher, or Clear Blue Ripcord Launcher.

Soon... a beypointer.

Haha nice.

I changed my grip to a blue hasbro grip, red beylauncher, black beypointer, and hasbro red grip rubber. I like this better because my hand has gotten bigger, so the rubber allows me to grip the tool, rather than be squished in by it.
My grip as of now:
Silver 3-Segment Launcher Grip
Beypoint Card
Beylauncher LR
Red Grip Rubber
Coming soon:
Launcher Rubber
Grip Extension
Cool Awww yeah.
My custom setup:
Hasbro Grey Launchergrip

Custom Spray Painted Rubber Grip

Metallic red Hasbro beylauncher w/stickers on it that were included put on in clever places. Cool

I like this setup simply because it's like me. Simple and not hard to understand. Also, I'm different. (Blue spray painted Rubber Grip) Though I would prefer a Beylauncher LR, I don't have one. (I won a bet against my sister and got Gravity Perseus Joyful_3 but her Beylauncher LR came broken Unhappy)
Currently a 3 Segement and a Clear Beylaucher L.

The Three Segement since the cardholder gives me more grip and I only use L beyblades since I love attack types.
Since I got a Gravity Perseus URS...
My new set-up is:
1. 3-segment Grip. (with a Timezone Arcade card inserted.)
2. Launcher-LR/Light Launcher.

And that's pretty much it... Tongue_out

k I have 2 grips,

1. hasbro gip with rubber .1. hasbro grip (sag value pack)
2. beypointer .2. beylauncher l (meteo l drago)
3. angle compass .3. suspention
4. gold beylauncher
5. suspention

would have a beylauncher l/r but thats baroque and I would also have another beypointer (bull starter) but that was out of stock after I bought it and got a refund (it was $28!??!?!)
I got a 3 Seg Launchr Grip, with a custom identity card, red rubber grip (hasbro), and a chain surrounding the grip. The chain makes it look more awesome. With a L-R launcher. (clear)
i use karabiner grip and LR beylauncher (All TT)
I used to have 3 Segment grip with Beypoint Card, Grip Extension, Metal assist, Launcher grip. I found it Aesthetically hard to Launch. So I changed to a Metal Fight grip + Beypointer + all of the stuff above.