Beyblade Metal Fight/Fusion Customizations

this is going to be a thread in which I will share and test customizations that you guys give me, and that I make.
to start of this thread, I have a stamina customization that you'll should try out. This customization is Fury Capricorn 145SD.
Facebolt- Capricorne ( can be changed with any facebolt you wish)
Energy Wheel- Capricorn ( i would suggest bull, but I'm already using it for another bey)
Fusion Wheel- Fury ( comes with Fury Capricorn 100HF )
Spin Track- 145 ( comes with Earth Aquila/Eagle 145WD and Rock Leone 145WB )
Performance Tip- SD ( sharp defense, comes with Dark Bull H145SD )
That's it.
Feel free to post customizations you would like me to use, these are the beys I currently have to customize with.
Storm Pegasus 105RF
Flame Sagittario C135S
Dark Bull H145SD
Dark Wolf DF145FS
Storm Aquario 100HF/S
Flame Libra T125ES
Earth Aquila/Eagle 145WD
Dark Cancer/Gasher CH120/145FS
Lightning LDrago 100HF
Storm Capricorne M145Q
Killer/Evil Gemios DF145FS
Thermal Pisces T125ES
Rock Escolpio/Scorpio T125JB
Gravity Perseus AD145WD
Counter Escolpio/Scorpio 145D
Cyber Aquario 105RF
Poison Giraffe S130MB
Grand Ketos WD145RS
Flame Byxis 230WD
Rock Aquario 125SF
Rock Cancer/Gasher DF145WB
Storm Aries 125S
Extra Parts: LDrago Absorb Energy Wheel, Rush Energy Wheel, and Assault Energy Wheel
Black & Red Meteo Fusion Wheel and Blue & Silver Meteo Fusion Wheel
LW105, DF105, 125, 105, 85, LF, LRF, SF, RF, XF. Metal Face Bolt.
We already have a thread for this.
There are numerous threads which are designed for people to post requests, while this entire forum is for sharing of customisations anyway.