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Full Version: Beyblade Metal Fight/Fusion Customizations
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this is going to be a thread in which I will share and test customizations that you guys give me, and that I make.
to start of this thread, I have a stamina customization that you'll should try out. This customization is Fury Capricorn 145SD.
Facebolt- Capricorne ( can be changed with any facebolt you wish)
Energy Wheel- Capricorn ( i would suggest bull, but I'm already using it for another bey)
Fusion Wheel- Fury ( comes with Fury Capricorn 100HF )
Spin Track- 145 ( comes with Earth Aquila/Eagle 145WD and Rock Leone 145WB )
Performance Tip- SD ( sharp defense, comes with Dark Bull H145SD )
That's it.
Feel free to post customizations you would like me to use, these are the beys I currently have to customize with.
Storm Pegasus 105RF
Flame Sagittario C135S
Dark Bull H145SD
Dark Wolf DF145FS
Storm Aquario 100HF/S
Flame Libra T125ES
Earth Aquila/Eagle 145WD
Dark Cancer/Gasher CH120/145FS
Lightning LDrago 100HF
Storm Capricorne M145Q
Killer/Evil Gemios DF145FS
Thermal Pisces T125ES
Rock Escolpio/Scorpio T125JB
Gravity Perseus AD145WD
Counter Escolpio/Scorpio 145D
Cyber Aquario 105RF
Poison Giraffe S130MB
Grand Ketos WD145RS
Flame Byxis 230WD
Rock Aquario 125SF
Rock Cancer/Gasher DF145WB
Storm Aries 125S
Extra Parts: LDrago Absorb Energy Wheel, Rush Energy Wheel, and Assault Energy Wheel
Black & Red Meteo Fusion Wheel and Blue & Silver Meteo Fusion Wheel
LW105, DF105, 125, 105, 85, LF, LRF, SF, RF, XF. Metal Face Bolt.
There are numerous threads which are designed for people to post requests, while this entire forum is for sharing of customisations anyway.