Beyblade Images

I've got some Beyblade hand-drawn images from the Takara website before it closed down. They're for the community, and I don't really care who uses 'em. Keep in mind that NOT EVERY Beyblade part will be on here, as some of the later HMS Beys were not on the site. Heck, even WBMS' parts weren't up there.

Photobucket account: Siliva2

EDIT BY STAFF: Link didn't work, fixed it.
Thanks! Grin I've been looking for these forever.
That link isn't working for me. =|
I fixed the link.
That's quite weird that Wolborg MS is missing; there's Beyblades releases way later than that on there. :o
I like how some of the filenames (which I didn't change) have Engrish in them.Grin
Wow, thank you so much!
I like the password btw haha