Beyblade Experience's Before You Actually Started Blading

Couldn't find a thread for this so I decided to make one. My experience with beyblade's before I actually started blading was when I was 5 I was at a garage sale with my cousin I got WolfBorg and SeaBorg 2 and my cousin and I just started launching them down the driveway, this was before I even knew that Beyblade existed, i believe there was one more bey but I think I destroyed it. Crying
My experience is watching my friends blade at school. They brought their beys and I asked what they were. They said 'Beyblades' and I wanted them to launch it. They did, and I thought it was stupid. I kept mocking it untill I lied saying i had a bey. I had to buy one before the next day or they would know I lied. I bought a LLD and showed it to them. They asked why I hated it if i had a bey. I said 'I didn't want you guys to know I had a bey.' After that I became a regular blader.
I went to burger king and got and Kai toy. I didn't know it involved beyblade for all those years. Then last year i put 2 and 2 together. The weird thing is i remembered that toy.
I went to KBToys with my bro and his dad and he got us Dranzer F and Draciel