Beyblade Burst for beginners

Any good tips for learning all there is to know about burst for beginners?
(Jun. 06, 2017  1:24 AM)Wackydog Wrote: Any good tips for learning all there is to know about burst for beginners?

Some right here:
High friction makes it easier to burst, but hard to KO. Same with weight.
Parts are not entirely consistent, but certain ones do shine.
The metagame is highly defense and stamina oriented currently, with Drain Fafnir, Neptune, Blaze Ragnaruk being mainly used.
Some key parts WILL wear, make sure you get multiples if you plan to play competitive.
Teeth WILL make or break a bey.
Do not ever use Trident unironically.
What are some good burst beys to start off buying?
Hasbro (for now) Unicrest, Valtryek (booster or 2 pack both good), Spryzen (only the single bey, no launcher), Ygdreion, Roktavor, Roktavor R2, Kerbeus

Takara: Neptune, Drain Fafnir, Rising Ragnaruk, Acid Anubis, Tornado Wyvern, Blaze Ragnaruk, Xcalibur
I think you can try Drak Deathscyther, Blaze Ragnaruk and Kreis Satan (if you don't mind the name of Satan)
The layer of D2 is banned, but I think this bey is a good choice for a beginner. The teeth is good, and the driver is not so fast so that even a begeinner can easily control it.
bR is stamina type,and Kreis is defense, these two beys don't require high shooting skills, so you can use these beys to improve your strength. Also, these two are powerful enough for beginners.
i have one. its to not get an attack type beyblade when you dont have a stadium or else it will hit the wall and burst or even BREAK!