Beyblade Burst Overdrive

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"Hey Roan wanna battle?" asked Colin. "Yeah!" responded Roan. Roan walked up to the stadium. "3! 2! 1! LET IT RIP!" they yelled. Revenge circled around the stadium while Crusher went to the middle in right stamina mode. "Attack Revenge!" yelled Roan. Revenge started a flower pattern and attacked Crusher over and over. Crusher lost all of it's stamina and Revenge got a point for a spin finish. "3! 2! 1! LET IT RIP!" This time Crusher went to the middle in left stamina mode while Revenge circled around the stadium. "Revenge attack!" yelled Roan. Like last time, Revenge started a flower pattern attacking Crusher. "Go Revenge! Revenge Smash!" yelled Roan. Revenge smashed Crusher into the air. "Hang in there Crusher! Ultimate Zeta Change!" yelled Colin. Crusher landed on the edge of the stadium and changed to attack mode. Crusher then hit Revenge and Crusher started to wobble. "GO OVERDRIVE MODE CRUSHER!" yelled Colin. Crusher instantly sped up and headed straight for Revenge. "GO ULTIMATE SLASH!" yelled Colin. Crusher hit Revenge and instantly burst it. "Oh man I lost!" said Roan. "Let's go back inside and see when the tournament starts." said Tyson. They all went inside and turned on the TV. "Bladers will get to the tournament on a cruise ship! The ship leaves at 1:00 PM so I will see everyone at the tournament!" said the TV announcer. Everyone got their stuff, headed to the cruise ship, and got on board.

Noooo! Roan lost! :p 
Great chapter!

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Chapter 13: The Wild Ride Part 1.
Everyone found their rooms, put their stuff up, and met up. "I'm just gonna relax the entire cruise to charge my batteries" said Tyson. "We'll do the same" said Max and Ray. "I'm going to train" said Colin."Wait for me!" yelled Roan. "Well, what are you going to do Kai?" asked Tyson. "Whatever I feel like doing" responded Kai. Colin and Roan found stadiums and practiced their launches.
About an hour later, Kai found Colin and Roan and challenged them to a battle."We accept" said Colin and Roan. They decided that Roan would go first. Kai and Roan put their beyblades on the launcher. "3! 2! 1! LET IT RIP!" Dranzer took the center in stamina mode while Revenge was jumping around the stadium. "Attack him Dranzer" said Kai. Dranzer sped up and attacked Revenge. "Hang in there Revenge!" yelled Roan. Revenge bounced off the wall. "Now Revenge! Revenge Strike!" yelled Roan. Revenge attacked Dranzer but Dranzer didn't budge."What?!" yelled Roan. "Dranzer! Finish Him off! Spiraling fire!" yelled Kai. Dranzer rushed to Revenge. "Revenge! Jump Now!" yelled Roan."That won't stop me and my Dranzer! Dranzer, fly now!" yelled Kai. Dranzer went into the air and smashed Revenge into the wall, cracking it. Revenge was barely spinning after the attack. "Dranzer, let's end this now!" yelled Kai. Dranzer sent Revenge flying. Revenge then burst and broke into pieces mid-air. "No!!" yelled Roan. He then picked up the pieces of Revenge and ran off. "Kai, I challenge you to a battle to avenge Roan's loss! yelled Colin. "Fine, but your beyblade will end up just like his." said Kai.
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Noooo!!!!!! This is my least favorite chapter! 😋 Wink
Sorry for not posting a chapter for a long time, but I'll try to write more chapters this summer.
Chapter 14: The Wild Ride Part 2
"I will destroy you Kai!" yelled Colin."We'll see about that" responded Kai. Both Bladers took out their launchers."3! 2! 1! LET IT RIP!" they yelled. Dranzer went to the middle in stamina mode while Crusher circled around the tornado ridge. "Crusher, Destroy him!" yelled Colin. Crusher launched a fury of attacks at Dranzer, but Dranzer didn't budge."Your wasting your time. Your beyblade will just get destroyed like Roan's." said Kai. Colin was mad with rage. "YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT! GO CRUSHER! ULTIMATE SLASH!" yelled Colin. Crusher collided with Dranzer and sent it out of the stadium."Is that all you can do? Your pathetic! said Kai. A dark aura swirled around Colin."We'll see about that." said Colin.Both bladers launched their beyblades. Once again, Dranzer took the middle and Crusher was circling around the edge of the stadium. "Dranzer, flame vortex" said Kai. Fire then appeared around Dranzer."Fire won't stop me! Crusher, lets end this! Ultimate Launch!" yelled Colin. Crusher got faster and was heading straight for Dranzer."Crusher, let's do this for Roan!" yelled Colin."Dranzer, destroy him!" yelled Kai. Both beyblades clashed for what seemed like forever. Crusher then burst, but Kai wasn't done yet. "Dranzer, smash Crusher into pieces!" yelled Kai. Dranzer hit Crusher's layer and it shattered into pieces. Kai then grinned."You shouldn't have challenged me. said Kai, walking of. Holding the pieces of his beyblade in his hand, Colin fell to the ground, and silently swore he would beat Kai someday.